Mother’s Day 2022: 5 Jewelry Ideas That Will Make Your Mom’s Eyes Light Up With Happiness

In case you were wondering, when it comes to gifts, jewelry is always the right choice for any occasion you can imagine. Whether that’s for your anniversary, a partner’s birthday, or, in this case, Mother’s Day. Jewelry is the kind of present that will always be gleefully received by whoever is receiving it.

Jewelry is considered by most as something of a luxury, and that resonates even in the age where the highest quality items aren’t anywhere near as expensive as you might think. In 2022 the cost of getting the right gift for your mother is far less than it has been in the past.

Online jewelry is much better value

The ever-expanding online jewelry market is helping to keep the costs of products down a great deal, and when you compare this to how much you’d pay for similar items in your high street jeweler, the two are some distance apart.

Clearly, a physical store has more overheads to cover, and previously there would have been apprehension about buying jewelry online, but the market has matured, and methods have been put into place to ease any concerns. 

These include items arriving with authenticity certificates as well as guarantees on the arrival of said items via postal means that are far more secure than previously.

On top of these, most of the best online jewelry stores offer you a period of time where you can send back an item if you are not happy with it, for whatever reason, at no cost to you. 

woman giving her mother a gift

Don’t forget mother’s day this year

When it comes to those we should regularly buy gifts for, in order as part of a desire to repay the love, care, and attention they’ve lavished on you over the years, your mother is more deserving than most. Not just because they carried you in their womb for nine months but also because they made you who you are today. 

There are some who feel that Mother’s Day is a bit of a rip-off, that it’s a Hallmark holiday designed to make people part with their money and nothing more, but regardless of the reasoning behind the holiday, I’m sure we can all agree that the foundations behind the idea of Mother’s Day are solid.

It’s also a holiday that far too many allow to pass by without celebrating. How often have you meant to get your mother something only to suddenly glance down at the date on your phone and realize the relevant date has been and gone.

Don’t allow that to happen in 2022, and remember, in the US, the day falls on May 9th. Keep a note of the date and plan ahead.

With this in mind, and while we are on the subject, here are a number of delightful jewelry items to consider buying her this year.

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5 Best Mother’s Day Jewelry Ideas 2022

Elegant name necklace

This item of jewelry has the additional benefit of not only being a luxurious item but it’s also one that can convey a great deal of sentiment. A name necklace can be used to mark the names of your mother’s grandchildren, or perhaps it’s a present for your partner who recently became a mother? 

These come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can be used in a number of imaginative ways, and the added bonus comes from the fact that personalized jewelry is very trendy right now, so not only will your gift be a well-intentioned one, it will also be fashionable. 

There are monogrammed rings, name bracelets, and a number of other types of personalized jewelry to select from, and the market is thriving right now, so the options are getting larger and larger.


They are a timeless item of jewelry and one that is making a massive impact. Gift your mother a pearl-themed piece of jewelry, and the odds are she will be thrilled. There is something incredibly sophisticated about pearls and a number of ways to include them in a jewelry design.

Once again, we’d suggest searching online for a relevant gift in this area as that way; you open the options far wider than your local jeweler could ever provide.

mother and daughter looking at jewelry

Birthstone ring

This would be a nice touch. Why not surprise your mother this Mother’s Day with a birthstone ring? Much like the custom-made options we discussed earlier, this will be a gift that is very specific to her.

Clearly, some birthstones will cost more than others, so you might want to enlist the help of family members to cover the cost if it’s high. 

Chanel coco crush ring

If you’ve forgotten Mother’s Day for a number of years, then now might be the chance to make up for the lost time. How about a Chanel Coco crush ring? These are simply gorgeous, and while the cost may be high, you know that this designer range will not disappoint.

We love the quilted feel of this luscious piece of jewelry, and we’d recommend getting this in 18-carat white gold. Once again, you may want to split the cost of this item with a few family members.

Engrave an existing ring

This is an alternative option and one that is very thoughtful and ideal for the occasion. If your mother has a ring that she constantly wears, preferably not a wedding or engagement ring, then try to pry it from her for a day or two. Maybe pretend it’s being cleaned?

Then get the ring engraved with a loving message from you and the whole family. This is a less expensive option than some of the others we’ve outlined and, frankly, one that she’ll more than likely love.

5 Best Mother's Day Jewelry Ideas 2022

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