Optimal Ways To Wear Silver Earrings For The Best Impact

Woman Wearing Silver-colored Earring
Photo by Agung Pandit Wiguna

Silver earrings are the perfect element to complement any outfit. They have a great deal of flexibility and elegance that brings out the best in the wearer. There are so many beautiful silver earrings out there and lots of choices to make when it comes to wearing them stylistically.

It ultimately comes down to the wearer’s choice and what works for them. However, there are some general tried and tested guideline as to what works when you want to wear silver earrings the right way and have them looking at their best.

If you are currently looking to build your collection of fine and genuine silver jewellery, then looking online gives you a great amount of choice and flexibility. In fact, we recommend to buy 925 sterling silver earrings online at trustworthy retailers such as Silver Australia.

How to wear silver earrings correctly

It turns out that there is etiquette to everything. When it comes down to silver earrings, yes, there is a right and wrong way to wear them. If you want to do it right, you need to think about your own facial features to get the right balance.

Consider your face shape in relation to your silver earrings

For instance, is your face round, thin, long, heart-shaped or square? Once you have figured your facial features then you will want earring shapes and designs that bring balance to your face and bring out the best features.

So if you have a round face, then it is important to go for a long dangling earring to help elongate your face. Round silver earrings are best for people with a square face because they help balance the angles on your face.

Photo by Caio Cardenas

If you have a diamond face, then stud silver earrings is your best option. People with oval face, however, are quite fortunate as any form of earring looks good on them. So if you have an oval face, then just go for whichever one you want.

Don’t overdo it

Another important component is to not overdo it. When you are buying sterling silver, the key is in the simplicity and elegance. You aren’t buying bold costume jewellery that is large and eye-catching. Instead, silver jewellery is a touch of finesse to your overall look and outfit in general.

Another aspect is choosing a style that reflects your own personal style and personality. For example, you can get various shapes and sizes such as the teardrop, studs, hoops, pyramids and tassel earrings. If you are new to buying genuine silver jewellery online then you may want to get clued up on the variety of styles out there so you can find something you truly enjoy wearing.


Skin tone and hairstyles

Remember your skin tone and hairstyle as well when wearing silver earrings. You want to get your hairstyle right for the type of earrings you are wearing. For instance, dangly earrings may suit updo hairstyles best, so it doesn’t make your face look busy and overcrowded.

The great thing about silver earrings? No matter what you buy, they are timeless and will never go out of fashion so it’s a worthwhile investment that you will never want to return.  As you can see, there are plenty of considerations if you want to do it right and that’s the beautiful thing about wearing silver earrings!



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