How To Get The Perfect Summer Body

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Summer is about stepping outside in your body. Most of the year, we are stuck behind desks, sitting in buses, trains and airplanes. Our schedules are packed tight and there’s almost no time to take care of our bodies.

From the bed, straight to work and maybe certain social gatherings become our schedule in the winter and other seasons. In the winter, the weather is really cold and we have to dress accordingly. So we make sure to cover up our body entirely in order to keep warm and stay healthy.

But summer is the time to shine. Literally, the time to come out in the sunshine like a bear who has been hibernating for a long time. But it is important to prepare for the summer.

It is very easy to fall off your regular body regimen when you are not expecting to show it. The danger here is that it might be too late to get it ready for the summer when care isn’t taken.

Here is how to make sure that you will be definitely ready to reveal rather than conceal in the summer beaches and parties.

5 steps to get your summer body

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1. Workout

As stated, it is easy to skip work out regiments when you have a tight schedule. However, if you want the perfect summer body then don’t take workouts for granted no matter what.

It might help to get some workout equipment at home if your schedule will not allow you to commit the gym. If you have some room in your bedroom, living room, front yard or backyard, then this can be the perfect place to workout with no interruptions.

Get a good regimen going. Take advice from a professional on where and how to work on your body to achieve your desire results. It might surprise you to know the things around you can help massively with your workouts like a mat or a wall in your house.

  2. Eat right

In a busy work and home schedule, it is easy to eat food on the go. We find ourselves eating foods we don’t plan to eat. At a food vending mart everything looks appealing especially if you are on the go.

Maintaining a healthy diet plan takes discipline. This is important to notice in your quest to get the perfect summer body. Plan your meals ahead of time or pack something healthy.

Get a lot of fibre in your food. This allows a smoothly running digestive system. Foods like strawberries, bananas and oranges will reduce or prevent bloating.

Such foods will also help you avoid snacking in between meals as they keep you satisfied for a longer period. It is important to also keep your body processing food the right way. Don’t wait too long to eat. Add more protein in your meals. Fish, meat, eggs and legumes are a perfect way to add protein to your meals.

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3. Drink right

Stay hydrated. Constant hydration improves a number of important aspects of the being. Mental and physical health is known to be improved whenever you stay hydrated. Focus, mood lift and low fatigue are all things hydration improves.

Carrying a bottle with you will make it convenient to stay hydrated. The current prerequisite is 2 litres a day, which can do nicely for maintaining a nice body for the summertime. Also, it’s necessary to avoid beers, cocktails and soda. These kinds of drinks have been known to enhance bloating.

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4. Exercise on the go

Don’t find yourself sitting and immovable most of the time Get moving and burn off some calories every chance you get. In all your movements, try to get as much exercise from it as soon as possible.

Work some muscles in your legs by taking a lot of steps. Work it with your regimen. If where you get lunch is a few meters away from you, walk. If you need to get down or up a  building, take the stairs.

Burn some calories no matter what you are doing, whether it’s watching TV or talking on the phone. Do some stretches or walk around to burn some calories.

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5. Get skin-ready

Last but definitely not least but most importantly, get your skin ready for the sun. Get a good sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. Apply usually 2 hours interval every time you exit the water.

Remove dead skin cells with body scrubs and smear a hydrating moisturizer to soften your skin. Remove unwanted body hair that you are embarrassed about. Remember the key is to get your body ready.

People will see your exposed body and hence need some eye candy. Get a good skin tanner that works for your body. Don’t go overboard. Use it until your skin is pleasurable to you.

Apply it evenly so as to look evenly tan and not irregular. Laying in the sun and tanning beds have been known to cause skin damage. Get a fitting and fashionable swimsuit and you’re ready to step out.


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