Top Shelf Tees: The Hottest Men’s Shirt Trends of 2023

Fashion weeks are happening worldwide, showcasing the best upcoming and existing autumn/ winter menswear trends for the rest of the year. From scintillating shoes to the perfect pants, everything you need for your new season’s looks is currently on high rotation in the media – including the best shirts and t-shirts for the cooler weather around the corner. If your wardrobe needs a seasonal makeover (cold weather edition), look at the men’s shirt trends we’ve curated.

You could also view grey utility shirts if you want to look casual but smooth at the same time. Get yourself a comfortable outfit that fits perfectly for any occasion and can carry your delicate wallets and other accessories without compromising your style or fashion sense.

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Retro Rules

Retro has been a big menswear trend across the board for the last year, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down now. Though it may be a little scary for some of us to think of nineties trends as retro (which they are – we did the math), looks from that decade are currently a huge inspiration in the best menswear available. Many brands are releasing archive collections and re-issuing looks they did when The Fresh Prince was still on air, but others are releasing new garments with a nineties edge. A great example is the Diesel t shirts that have been released lately – particularly the Super Trance Ported model in black with yellow print. Large, visible logos like this are back on trend and appearing everywhere; they are perfect to pair with a blazer for a slightly elevated look. Polo shirts are back in a big way and are the perfect layering item for autumn. Pair these with a bomber jacket and have the perfect nineties look. Extra points if your colour block and include a pair of Air Jordans.

Comfort Meets Class

Northern hemisphere winters are harsh. Instead of reaching for office wear-like button-downs and stiff suits, you want to be warm, comfortable, and presentable in garments that will take you through the cold seasons and keep you chic. If you’re currently working from home, you can lean a little more into the comfort size of the trend and choose structured sweat tops and bottoms in matching or complementary hues: well-cut tees and long sleeves are available that are suitable for Zoom meetings or nipping out for a coffee over your lunch break. Choose classic crew-neck tees and long merino or pure cotton sleeves, and wash and care for them well. If you still need to appear in the office occasionally, don’t worry: there’s comfort in luxurious, well-tailored garments there, too. Here, you can select knit tops in luxury fabrics like cashmere or cotton jersey – Christian Dior offers a classic, loose-fit tee in black that would be a suitable office option.

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Royal Purple

It’s been a while since Royal or Cadbury Purple has had as much of a heyday as it is now. If you want to add a trendy bit of flair to any look, choose a purple tee, polo, or turtleneck to your wardrobe. Better yet, add all three! Winter wardrobes are typically made up of darker colours, particularly when it comes to menswear. Layering a pop of bright colour underneath blacks, greys, and navy will add a lot of interest to any outfit and make you stand out as someone who knows how to style their clothing. If your winter wardrobe already contains a lot of colours, you’re in luck: since the nineties are back in a big way, you can add your purple tee to an outfit made up of lots of brights and even prints and still look bang-on trend.

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Go Grunge

Where goes nineties fashion in general, there too goes grunge. Consider Kurt Cobain and his slouchy, distressed tees layered with oversized cardigans for inspiration. Many runway shows currently feature layers, including plaid shirts knotted at the waist, holey and thin, distressed tees in varying states of faux-shabbiness, and oversized moto jackets. Dark colours juxtaposed with classic reds and even pops of post-apocalyptic neon, jagged and interesting hemlines with stand-out stitching: these are the things that will make your tops and tees stand out this season. If it sounds too over the top for you, you can simplify this look: choose a washed (never solid) black tee and pair it with a simple acid-washed pair of jeans. Throw on your classic black moto jacket, and you’re good to go.

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Choosing from these top trends will add a lot of range to your autumn wardrobe. If you add just one top, be it a t-shirt, long-sleeve tee, or button-down, to your existing collection, you’ll add a lot of versatility and a little more interest to the classic items you already own. A little imaginative styling is the difference between wearing these looks and having them wear you, so take a few chances with these new trends.


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