All You Need To Know About The Blue Gemstone, The So-Called, Sapphire

For centuries, sapphire has been seen as a celestial stone and a symbol of heaven. It was also discovered as the second variety of the mineral “corundum, the first being Rubies.

However, people think about blue stones whenever they hear the word “sapphire”. It does come in various colours such as yellow, black, pink and purple. The only colour sapphires do not come in is the “red colour”, which is only meant for rubies.

The most valuable sapphires come in deep blue colour. It is a symbol of integrity and innocence. Sapphires score 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. They are as resilient as rubies and just a little beneath diamonds.

sapphire in different colors

History of sapphire

The word ” sapphire” comes from the Greek word, “sapheiros” and the Latin word “sapphirus”. They both mean ” blue”. Sapphire originates from Australia but some deposits of sapphire were found in Madagascar in the 1990s. Now, Madagascar is leading the world in sapphire gemstone production.

History also records that sapphires were first discovered in Montana, in 1865. Most of the sapphire gems are discovered in Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, and Afghanistan.

Meaning of sapphire

Over the years, sapphires have meant various things to various people. Sapphires have symbolized integrity and innocence. People believe that wearing a sapphire symbolizes the truth that resides in one.

Sapphires have also symbolized healing. It is believed to have natural healing properties and can be grounded to be used as medicine to treat all kinds of ailments.

Blue signifies wisdom and generous thinking. Sorcerers hold sapphires in high reference. This is because it enables them to see, hear and understand even the most difficult oracle revelations. It also helps to connect them with other spiritual or psychic realms as well as protect them from harm while in those realms.

Furthermore, because Sapphires are stones of wisdom and serenity, they are believed to aid meditation as well as calm the mind.

In the Christian religion, sapphires symbolize a yearning for the heavens and eternal life. They believe the attributes of chastity, piety, and repentance help to run the race for heaven. The sapphire is regarded as the stone of St. Paul while associating the apostles each with a gem.

blue sapphire

Formation of sapphire

Just like rubies, sapphires are formed naturally in the earth with the mineral “corundum”. They can take a million years to form.

Blue sapphires are formed with a combination of corundum and titanium. The mineral “corundum” is present in igneous rocks and sapphires are formed during the transformation of igneous rocks. It is very rare for the magma not to be mixed with other elements during its cooling. Due to changes in weather, pressure and environmental factors, each sapphire comes out in a unique colour and shape.

In recent years, there are not only natural but also lab-grown sapphires which are chemically, physically and optically identical to those mined underground. You can gift the preferable one for engagement or wedding purposes and are perfect to bring out elegance and beauty.

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How is Sapphire Cut?

Sapphire can be cut into various shapes and cuts, and some of them include:

  1. Step-Cut : This cut is also known as the emerald cut. It displays and showcases the beauty of the sapphire colour. This type of cut is made in an even way that resembles a staircase.
  2. Brilliant-Cut : This type of cut is made in the shape of a kite and can have up to 58 facets. This enables sapphire in this shape to sparkle through all the facets.
  3. Mixed-Cut : The mixed cut is the combination of the step-cut and brilliant-cut. The crown of the sapphire is made in a brilliant-cut with a step-cut bottom. This type of cut reduces waste and enhances the colour and sparkle of the sapphire.


It is pertinent to know that sapphires are of different quality because the most authentic sapphires, “the blue sapphires” are made in very few locations around the world.

Sapphire has been the gemstone associated with royalty and romance. Royals are prone to harm and envy from enemies and it is believed that sapphires can protect against negative energies. Sapphire also has a strong connection to wisdom, good fortune, holiness and sincerity.

All You Need To Know About The Blue Gemstone, The So-Called, Sapphire

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