How To Waist Train Safely And Effectively

Before purchasing a waist trainer, most women ask if a waist trainer works as it says and it is really going to help them lose belly fat and how fast waist training can help them lose belly fat or abdominal fat. Others also wonder if a waist trainer is even safe in the first place and should be used for waist training.

You’ve seen them all over the internet. All your favorite celebs and influencers swear by these waist trainers that that’s how they get their hourglass figure. So you want to try it too.

Does waist training make you lose belly fat?

Well, they are not totally wrong, waist trainers do help to lose belly fat and give you that hourglass figure. But the truth is, wearing just a waist trainer won’t help you lose weight or belly fat. To lose weight and belly fat, you need regular exercising and a healthy diet plan.

So combine waist training with exercising and a healthy diet plan and then you are halfway there. Yes, I say halfway because just doing these once in a while won’t work. If you want the results you are looking for, then you need to do these things regularly. When it comes to waist training and losing belly fat, it is all about consistency. You have to be hardworking and consistent.

Now whiles waist training takes time, if you are looking for an instant solution, then one way to go is to wear shapewear or consider using a machine to get rid of the fat. The shapewear and lingerie won’t make you lose belly fat, but they will cinch your waist and give you that flat tummy look if you are going out and you want to rock an outfit without your tummy getting in the way.

But remember that, once you get back home and remove them, you will still have the big tummy, so you have to incorporate a healthy diet plan and regular exercising into your routine if you want a long term result.

But whiles you are waiting for your waist training to give you the results, you can get one of the best shapewear for tummy and waist to get that hourglass figure look so you can rock that party dress you so want.

Below, we are going to take a look at some tips on how to waist train safely and effectively to achieve your desired results. This is because using your waist trainer wrongly can affect your health in so many ways.

How to waist train safely and effectively

Get a suitable waist trainer

One mistake that some women do when selecting a waist trainer is that they buy one that is too tight for them, hoping that, that will help them get a faster and better result.

But this isn’t true. When buying a waist trainer, you have to make sure to select a waist trainer vest that fits you comfortably. When you wear a waist trainer that is too tight for you, it can affect your health.

Wearing a waist trainer that is too tight means that, it’s going to be squeezing your stomach and your intestines to give you the illusion that your tummy is flatter. Whereas it really won’t make your tummy flat, it can instead affect your stomach and digestive system. It can also make it harder to breathe.

A waist trainer that’s a size smaller or more also weakens your core muscles. It can also cause pelvic muscle spasms if you wear it after giving birth. So you have to make sure to buy a waist trainer in a comfortable fabric and a comfortable size for you.

Protect and strengthen your pelvic muscles while waist training by maintaining healthy body weight through incorporating pelvic floor and core exercises into your workout routine daily. The pelvic floor was designed to effectively support healthy body weight. Added weight, especially in the abdomen, places a prolonged strain on the pelvic floor eventually weakening the muscles

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Don’t workout with your waist trainer

Whiles, you need to be working out in order to lose belly fat, it is not advisable to wear your waist trainer when working out. I’m very sure you’ve seen photos and videos of your favorite celebrities and influencers in their waist trainers while working out. But this isn’t good for your health. So do your daily exercises without the waist trainer and wear the waist trainer after the exercises.

Don’t sleep in a waist trainer

It is also not advisable to wear your waist trainer to bed. Sleep is time for your body to relax and rest and sleeping in a waist trainer can’t be comfortable. It’s kind of like sleeping with a bra for me, it’s just uncomfortable. Sleeping with a waist trainer can also cause indigestion and acid reflux. So when going to bed, remove the waist trainer and then sleep.

Exercise regularly

As stated earlier, in order for the waist training to be effective, you need regular exercises. Waist training can not replace exercising. If you really want to lose belly fat, then you need to workout. There are so many belly workouts you can do. You can even check YouTube for belly workout videos.

Eat a healthy diet

Make sure you eat healthily if you want to lose fat. You don’t have to do anything drastic, like completely cutting out certain diets because you want to lose fat. What you can start with is eating in moderation. And adding a lot more vegetables and greens to your diet. You also have to drink a lot of water, especially because working out means you will be sweating a lot more.

How long should you wear waist trainer in a day

Wearing a waist trainer for just 30 minutes or less a day won’t give you the results you need. You have to wear it for longer. Some people recommend wearing the waist trainer for at least 8 hours a day. But if you are going to wear your waist trainer for 8 hours a day, make sure you take breaks. It shouldn’t be 8 straight hours.

If you are now starting, I’d recommend wearing it for at least 2 hours a day, and then increasing it as you get comfortable with it. If you are going to be doing the 8 hours, I’ll still recommend 2 hours, then about 30 minutes break, before wearing it again. To give your body the chance to breathe.

How fast can you lose belly fat with a waist trainer?

Well, the answer to this question is relative. As I said earlier, the waist trainer on it own won’t help you to lose the belly fat effectively, you need to add a healthy diet and regular exercises in order to achieve the results you want.

It also requires consistency, so you have to do these things everyday. You need to be committed to it if you want to see results.

Also make sure you get a suitable waist trainer and take breaks whiles waist training in order to waist train safely.

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