Is Size Important When Buying Diamond Jewellery?

If you are planning to pop the magic question in 2022, you will be thinking about the engagement ring and prior to making any enquiries with a jeweller, it is important to at least understand the diamond grading process.

Men who are looking to acquire a diamond engagement ring usually worry about whether or not they can afford suitably sized diamonds and if their bride-to-be likes the ring they have chosen. You can always pick this beautifully cut lab grown engagement ring London if you wish to have more budget-friendly and yet glamorous options.

Is Size Important When Buying Diamond Jewellery?

Diamond Grading

Diamonds are graded using the 4C system, which is:

  • Colour
  • Clarity
  • Cut
  • Carat

Every diamond comes with a certificate that is issued by the Gem Institute of America or another approved governing body. You should avoid any diamonds that do not have a certificate of authenticity, as they won’t be the real thing.

If you are interested in Brisbane bespoke diamond jewellery or custom-made jewellery in your location, search with Google for a leading custom jeweller who can create a design based on your likes and quote a price for the project.

Is Size Important?

There was a time back in the 50s and 60s when the craze was for large and ostentatious diamonds, yet today it is more about the sparkle than the size. Women also prefer a high-quality stone to a large one that would not have such sparkle.

Multiple Diamond Setting

A central stone that is surrounded by smaller diamonds actually makes the central stone look a lot larger than it actually is.

Of course, personal preferences do come into play and if you are planning to spend the rest of your life with a woman, you should know a lot about her, especially her taste in jewellery and clothing.

Those looking for custom engagement rings in Brisbane or in their city should easily be able to source a custom jeweller’s website using Google and view some of their stunning creations.

woman wearing diamond jewelry

Custom Solutions

You may be thinking that a custom-made diamond engagement ring is beyond your price range, yet having a diamond engagement ring made by a jeweller is no more expensive than buying a ring from the store shelf.

While every woman would love a diamond engagement ring, one that is totally unique would be highly prized and very apt for such an important symbol of your union.

There are so many different diamond cuts and the custom jeweller can help you to choose the best cut to get the maximum sparkle.

From the Brilliant Round Cut to the exquisite Ascher Cut and everything in between, diamond cuts are completed using state of the art cutting machines and each cut has different qualities.

Working To The Client’s Budget

Most custom jewellers are happy to work to the client’s budget, so you can calculate what you can afford and let the jeweller know your budget.

The expert would certainly make you aware of what is possible with your budget and once you are happy with the 3D computer image the jeweller creates, the deal is done and the work can begin.

Most women would prefer a small but high-quality diamond in their engagement ring than to have a large stone that has a lot of flaws and inclusions.


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