Princess Birthday – Keira’s 2nd Birthday

princess birthday

One of the amazing parts about being a mom is watching your kids grow. As they grow you learn more about them. You find out more about who they are, what they like. what makes them smile, what makes them cry.

And what makes this even more fun is when I try to predict what they would do or how they will feel about something. Most of the times I get it wrong but once in a while, I get it right.

princess birthday

Something like me thinking Keira is going to be the one who likes all that superhero stuff because she is tough and she barely cries. But no, I was wrong. It turned out she is the one who likes to dress up like a princess and walk-in mommy’s heels.

I can’t count the number of times she’s cried because she wanted to be a…So for her 2nd birthday, I thought why not give Keira something I know she likes. A princess birthday party.

princess birthday cake

Let her dress up like a princess with her beautiful crown and just make her happy. And for her dress, I decided to mix prints with lace. And she really liked it.

She had her birthday photoshoot over the weekend with her big sister. But for the celebration, she took that to school to celebrate with her classmates and her friends today.

2 year old princess birthday

Happy birthday to you Princess Keira. Stay classy, Speak kindly and always be a princess.

2 year old birthday
princess birthday
ankara princess dress
ankara dress for kids

Princess birthday crown – here
Number 2 – here
Photos by dm_tv official
Cake by @cakestories.d


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