Our baby girl is one year old today and words can’t express how I feel. It’s so hard to believe that it’s been a year already. It feels like just yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital. The year went by so fast.
Her birthday party was bee themed and it was so fun getting things done and decorating. We celebrated her birthday over the weekend so today I’m sharing some cute photos from her birthday party.
The queen bee on her high chair
 bee themed cake by cakestories.d
 It was so fun watching her smash her cake.

We had so much fun celebrating her birthday and I kept thinking she doesn’t even know what is happening. I can’t wait till I can share all these memories with her.

For Kayla
Happy birthday to you, my Kayla. Thank you so much for coming into my life. You make me so happy. You are my sunshine, you light up my world. You’ve given me purpose. I love you so much my baby girl.
I never knew that you were all I needed in my life. The one thing I needed to make my life whole. But God knew that and although you are only a year old, it feels like you are my best friend for life. You came into my life and changed it for the better.
I wish you all the best things in life. May you grow to become a sweet, confident and intelligent woman.


   Always remember that we love you.

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