Hey everybody, hope you all had a great week? It is friday night so the weekend starts now. lol! Today, I’m going to list the essential makeup for someone who is just getting into makeup.
I got the idea for this post when someone  asked me what items to get because she wanted to start using makeup.
As a starter, it can be quite confusing when trying to decide what to get or what not to get. Or what brand to choose from. There are so many different brands of makeup to choose from. There are the high end brands like mac. Those are quite expensive unlike the drugstore brands. Some drugstore brands although not as expensive work as good as the high end ones. These brands include milani and covergirl.
So you just have to figure out which one you like and go for it.
So these are the must haves for a beginner;

  1. Primer : This is a base for the foundation. It is the first thing you apply on your face before anything else. It is essential because it seals pores, creates a smooth surface for your makeup to be applied on and make your makeup last longer.
  2. Foundation: Apply foundation on face to even out your skin tone.
  3. Concealer: This has a thicker consistency than the foundation. So it helps conceal dark circles around eyes, acne scars and blemishes.
  4. Brush: Use this to apply your makeup. The secret to a flawless makeup is the application. So using a brush is an easy way for a flawless look.
  5. Mascara: This darkens eyelashes and makes it longer.
  6. Eyeliner Pencil: You will need a dark brown pencil to fill in your eyebrow. You can get other colours too for lining and defining your eyes. As a beginner, black is cool.
  7. Lipliner: This is for defining your lips.
  8. Lip balm: This serves as a base for your lipstick. It moisturises your lips and helps lipstick to glide on smoothly.
  9. Lipstick: There are so many colours to choose from. From n*de lipsticks to brightly coloured lipsticks. As a beginner, if you are not sure what colour to go for, try pink. Every girl looks beautiful with a pink lipstick. But when it comes to lipsticks dont be scared to try other colours.
  10. Pressed powder: This is for setting your makeup. After applying your makeup, dab on some pressed powder to set it.
  11. Round sponge: Just like the brush, it is also used to apply makeup. It is for good for applying the pressed powder.

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