1. Pretty little liars

Aside the mystery of trying to figure out who A is, pretty little liars also teaches about friendship, confidence and love. And their fashion sense is superb.

2. Friends

I know, it’s old but it still cracks me up and it doesn’t matter how many times I watch it. Not even one episode is boring.


3. Empire

This show is about a music record label known as empire, which is headed by Lucious Lyon, whose sons and ex-wife (Cookie) all battle for his throne. Cookie’s sense of style is also impeccable.

4. Modern Family

A comedy revolving around three families that comes together to form one big extended family.


5. Scream Queens

Although it’s new and there are just six episodes out for now, scream queens is a must watch. It’s a blend of horror and comedy. With a red devil killing people in the kappa house in Wallace university and the mystery of who the red devil is makes it intriguing.

6. The Originals

A spin-off of the vampire diaries that centres on the original vampires (the first vampires) and their life in New Orleans and how they protect each other from all the enemies they’ve made in over thousand years of living an immortal life.

7. Gotham

Gotham is a corrupt city but detective Jim Gordon have hopes of returning the city to its pure state and getting rid of all the corrupt people in the city.

8. 2 Broke Girls

A comedy show about two broke girls who work at a diner as waitresses at night and run their cupcake shop at dawn.


9.  Once Upon A Time

This show is about all the fairy-tale characters and their life in our world. I like how the writers are able to blend all the fairy-tales and make it one story.


10. Supernatural

A story about two brothers who hunt monsters. It is not just a show about monsters though. It is also about love, friendship, loyalty and fighting for what you believe in.

Okay, so these are the TV shows I love and would recommend for anyone to watch.
What are TV shows do you like?

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