Jewellery Through The Ages: Egypt Edition

Are you a history buff? Do you like jewellery? Well, if you like one, or both of these things, then this is the article for you. The style of jewellery has changed dramatically over the years. What we consider fashionable today would have seemed alien and weird to our ancestors. However, this is normal.

Things change. Fashion and style are no exception. What is interesting though is to think of what was fashionable in days gone by. It is amazing to think of what our ancestors considered to be cool, beautiful, and admirable.

Many things were once considered on trend that are no longer in fashion. However, many things have remained in fashion. A recent resurgence has been antique jewellery from the ancient Egyptians. This is incredible.

Imagine that you could walk around dressed in the jewellery of a pharaoh. If you like history, then this will surely be of appeal to you. This article is here to explore some of these pieces of jewellery.

Egyptian woman
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Bracelets in this ancient civilisation were very important. The pharaohs were adorned in golden bracelets that ran up the length of their arm. These bracelets were similar to armlets of cuffs. If you are interested in this style, you can search for and buy antique bracelets from reputable dealers. There were also forms of bead bracelets in ancient Egypt.


Another popular piece of jewellery in ancient Egypt was the ring. One could find an Egyptian king or queen wearing rings made of glass, stone, silver, or gold. They were a good symbol of power, so those in charge loved to wear them. It was an honour to make a ring for a ruling figure in Egypt, therefore, the forger took great pride in the work.

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A unique piece of jewellery that existed in Egypt that has not been seen much elsewhere is the beaded collar. Today, we have a necklace. In Egypt, the pharaohs wore a necklace made from hundreds of beads. These glass beads resembled tiny gemstones. Often, these collars would be placed on those who had recently passed away.

This is interesting as it shows a unique use of jewellery in ancient Egypt. While today we only look at jewellery as a thing to wear in the present, the Egyptians viewed it as something that could be worn into the afterlife. It was even viewed as an offering or a gift to the deceased and could be used to pay the ferryman at the River Styx.

Chest Plate

If you want to look like your favourite Egyptian king or queen, you need to get pectorals. Although pectorals would be a strange jewellery choice in today’s society, they were once popular in Egypt. They are gold and ingrained with many symbols related to Egyptian society. Therefore, why not get a chest plate of your own and engrave it with some of your favourite symbols?


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