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So, you have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Firstly, congratulations! That’s a huge deal and love should always be celebrated. However, when your loved one was bending down on one knee to place that shiny sparkly ring on your finger, what sprung to your mind?

The furthest thing from your mind was the history behind why humans do this whole routine anyway. Most likely you were caught up in the pure joy and excitement of the moment. It’s interesting however to detach for a moment and delve into the historical aspect of these sentimental rings.

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Let’s Get Historical

The tradition has been going since the Egyptian times. In line with marriage being a life-long commitment, the Egyptians saw circles as a representation of eternity. Couples, who were due to be married therefore, would swap rings that were created from interwoven reeds.

Now, why the left finger you are wondering? Well, they also believed that the left hand and finger was the one which held the vein running directly to the heart. Even though this is no longer true, the people of the time believed this so much, the vein came to be known later as Vena Amoris.

Roman Times

The next big movement for the wedding ring was during the 2nd century which welcomed the time of ancient Rome. Now, rings took on a more of a monetary value. They were swapped to give the bride an object of value.

However, unlike the romantic view of the ring today, the bride wore it more as a sign of ownership. The groom gave it to the bride as a symbol of their legal agreement that he now owned her. Not so romantic, right?

When Wedding Rings Became More Glamorous

It wasn’t until 1477 that the first diamond engagement ring was seen. This is when it was more glamorous in Europe for those with nobility to have very valuable jewellery. Some of the rings were even so ornate, poetry and romantic phrases would be carved onto them.

Then welcome the late 1800s which saw the discovery of diamonds in South Africa. As soon as the mining began, diamond production went global. Marketing and advertising all helped the boom and popularity of the shiny engagement ring.

As you can see, the wedding and engagement ring is steeped in history. Some not so romantic. However, it’s interesting to know how such traditions originate and make their way in modern society.

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