5 Ways to Master the Natural Eye Makeup Look

Applying a natural eye makeup look can be daunting, especially if you are a beginner. You might not know how to balance between too much, too little, or the perfect tone. You may add a little fancy, but at any cost, avoid makeup that screams to an entire world. 

It’s not difficult to pull it off and perfect your natural eye makeup looks daily. You only need some little blushing here, a touch of concealer there, and there you are! You have achieved a gorgeous natural glow just like a celebrity. To do it yourself, follow these five workable ways. 

simple natural eye makeup look

5 ways to get the perfect natural eye makeup look

Create a makeup base

Even when the places you go look free from dust, there is always dust in the air carried by the wind. You will get dust on your face, specifically on the skin around your eyes.

Your first step is to create a base for your makeup in simple steps. Be sure to do it right because it determines if you will still have your makeup on three hours later or the next 24 hours. 

Use makeup remover to clean off the old makeup. It will also help remove dust plus natural oil. During the day or night, your skin will sweat to produce natural oils that keep your skin from becoming dry.

Natural oils might not work well with your makeup or lashes. Use a moisturizer to hydrate the skin and get it ready for a natural makeup look.

 Enhance your lashes

One way to keep your lashes hydrated is to massage your eyelids. If your lashes are too short or sparse on your eyes, enhance them with natural lashes. They will look just like your lashes, but better. Fake lashes for a natural everyday look by Lilac St., Patrick Starrr, Huda, or Sweed, are natural DIY false lashes that last for many days.

They have unique features that make them look fluttery and voluminous yet too natural for anyone to notice. Use a curler to curl your lashes before applying a light coat of mascara to your curled lashes. Your eyes will look naturally flirty and you will maintain that look for weeks. 

Choose the right eyeshadow colors

Two things go into your effort to achieve a natural eye makeup look – your eye shadow color choice and your application style. The first thing to consider is your skin tone. You could have light skin, olive, medium, brown, or dark. If you are not certain about your skin color, choose a neutral brown natural shadow due to its properties that easily blend with most skin colors.

It is okay to balance two colors that are one or two shades darker compared to your skin. If you choose a much darker color, it will look too dramatic beyond your natural look expectations. 

The lighter shade can be the base, while the darker shade goes to the corners of your eyes. During blending, do not be vigorous but apply in small circles to make sure that the shadows are even. If you use wider circles, your shadow will look overdone. 

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Avoid eyeliner

An eyeliner at the base of your lashes is good but it will betray your efforts for a natural makeup look. Although flirty, people will notice you have used makeup and it’s better to avoid it if you want your overall look to be natural. Your shadow can be enhanced to serve as eyeliner.

Choose a slightly darker color for this purpose. Using an angled brush, smudge the slightly darker eyeshadow near the lash line to create a softer finish that looks natural.  

Apply a thin eyebrow pencil or powder

It’s easy to define your eyebrows using a pencil that is thinly darker than the color of your brows. Just apply a thin layer using slanted strokes. You may also choose to sweep your brows with a thin powder just to enhance their look.

Your cheeks and lips enhance the natural look of your eyes. Highlight your cheeks using a color tone that is a little lighter than your skin. Avoid a whole ton of color on your cheek lest you deny them a chance to look natural.

Line your lips with a shade that is at least one shade darker than the color of your lips. Finish off the look with a lip balm or gloss. You have achieved a natural eye makeup look applicable to every occasion. 

5 Ways to Master the Natural Eye Makeup Look

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