Best Cuts And Design Ideas For An Emerald Wedding Ring

What a time to be getting married! You’ve gone through all the stress of finding your perfect match, picked out your wedding venue, and you’re ready to make it official. Now it’s time to find the ring that will symbolize the eternity of love you’ll experience with your betrothed. 

If you’re going for something elegant and sophisticated but still a little non-traditional, an emerald wedding ring might be right up your alley. Emeralds have been popular in jewelry for hundreds of years, but now that green is having a moment in fashion (especially in the jewelry), brides are opting for this unique take on the traditional diamond engagement ring. 

As a bonus, emeralds come at all different price points. You can check out an emerald rings catalog online for everything from affordable lab-grown stones to jaw-droppingly large mined gems worth millions.

Here’s everything you need to know about choosing an emerald wedding ring design and how it can perfectly express your style and personality.

8 best cuts for an emerald wedding ring

Peacock star cut

The peacock star cut is an emerald cut with a modified pavilion. It is named after its resemblance to the stunning tail feathers of a peacock, which are often depicted as having an iridescent sheen and pointed tips.

Peacock stars are often used for engagement rings or other jewelry pieces that will be worn on special occasions but don’t need to be diamond-encrusted all the time.

Like most standard cuts, the star has four facets instead of six or eight. It’s just one less facet than regular round diamonds have. This makes them look much more significant than their carat weight would imply.

So, this might be a good option if you want something big for your finger but don’t want to spend too much money on it.


You can create a stunning emerald wedding ring by having your engagement ring and wedding band made in baguette cuts. A baguette-shaped emerald’s long, rectangular cut is a classic choice for engagement rings and wedding bands.

A rectangular shape is more flattering on slender fingers, so it’s an ideal choice for an engagement ring for this reason alone.

Baguettes are also excellent for men who want to show off their rough hands with something other than a traditional round diamond or square stone.

This shape is perfect for those who want something simple yet elegant. It doesn’t have many facets, so it won’t catch as much light as other shapes would.

However, since the length of these stones makes up most of their surface area, they still look pretty impressive whether you’re wearing them alone or paired with other rings.

Shield or arrowhead cut

The shield and arrowhead cuts are square-shaped emeralds with rounded or pointed corners, respectively. The shield cut is a popular choice for engagement rings because it’s like an inverted triangle and thus more unique than most emerald shapes. 

But it’s also a wedding ring design because it features more facets than a traditional round-cut stone. The arrowhead cut has more facets than its counterpart; you can count them if you want. The extra facets help deflect light and give your stone an even shinier appearance without adding extra weight to your ring.

Radiant cut

A radiant cut is the most popular cut for emerald rings. It’s also called a step cut, and it consists of a square emerald cut with a step cut on each side. The result is a diamond that resembles an octagon or star shape, with extra facets on each corner that create even more sparkle than other cuts.

This is one of the most eye-catching cuts around, so if you want your wedding ring to be noticed at all times, this might be your match.

Radiant cuts are also very durable because they have many sides instead of just one flat plane. It means less chance that something will chip off after hitting something hard like concrete (which could happen if the stone were only one flat plane).

Another benefit is that they have fewer visible inclusions than other types of gemstones because there are so many different surfaces along which light can bounce around inside.

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Pear or teardrop emerald cut

The most popular cut for an emerald engagement ring is the emerald cut. It’s distinguished by its pointed bottom, which makes it look like a teardrop. This shape is sometimes called a pear-shaped diamond because it resembles a pear.

The more pointed the bottom of the diamond, the larger and more brilliant it will appear. A less tapered bottom will make your ring appear smaller and less flashy. But this cut might be just right for you if you want something more low-key than showy.

Hexagon emerald cut

The hexagon cut is a variation of the emerald cut. Instead of having 6 sides, it has 12 sides, giving it a different shape and making it more challenging to create than the standard emerald cut. The Hexagon Emerald Cut also has a point in each corner instead of being rounded like most other cuts. 

It makes it even harder to facet correctly because each stone must be carefully leveled so there are no gaps between them when they are set into jewelry pieces like rings or pendants. This type of gemstone has been around since ancient times and was popular with royalty because only the aristocracy could afford such expensive items back then.

Oval emerald ring cut

The oval shape of the emerald is a beautiful and classic design. The oval cut can be done in any color of emerald, including green, yellow and blue. The oval cut is one of the most popular shapes for engagement rings and is excellent for people who want a more traditional style ring.

The oval cut has an even depth all around it, so you don’t have to worry about it being too deep or shallow at any point on your finger. This makes this type of cut very safe, depending on how well you take care of your jewelry items.

Princess or square emerald ring cut

If you’re looking for a princess cut, this is the most popular cut for emerald rings. Princess cuts are square or rectangular with rounded corners and are not as deep as other cuts. The stones used to create them are usually small but fairly brilliant and intense in color, making them excellent choices for a ring that will be worn daily.

These are some of the best cuts and designs for an emerald wedding ring. Consider your personal style and dressing sense before you pick the one for you. Also, ensure that the ring you choose goes with your everyday wear so that you can wear it daily if you want to.

Best Cuts And Design Ideas For An Emerald Wedding Ring


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