7 Best Audiobooks To Listen To While Cooking

One of the best things about audiobooks is that they can be coupled with any activity that doesn’t require much cognitive thinking. Whether you’re driving or gardening or cooking, they are the perfect companion in all sorts of activities.

In this article, we’re going to recommend some of the best audiobooks you can listen to while cooking some scrumptious delicacies.

All these audiobooks are engaging and atmospheric so that you lose any idea of time while you’re doing your chores, so don’t blame us later! Without wasting any more time, let’s get straight into our topic at hand.


Best Audio Books To Listen

1. A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik

A story rooted in dark academia, a school brimming with magic, a heroine you can’t help but love: what’s not to like in this fantasy? The story of a dark sorceress who’s meant to change the rules and world of magic against her will, A Deadly Education is the first installment of the Scholomance Trilogy. El doesn’t wish to become the evil witch that her school thinks her to be.

In a school where there are no teachers or holidays, and where survival is more important than any grades, failure in Scholomance only means death. Leaving midway is not an option, and therefore, the only way to leave is to graduate first. The monsters in the school are no hassle for El, for she contains within herself powers beyond comprehension. But killing the monsters might also mean killing everyone else.

The story is taken to new heights by Anisha Dadia’s narration which brings forth the subtleties and depths of the protagonist. The audiobook provides a more engrossing and atmospheric experience that’s bound to keep you hooked till the very last word and wanting more of the world.

2. Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson

Lillian hasn’t heard from Madison, her best friend at a residential school, ever since she had to leave that school after a scandalous affair. But now, she receives a letter from Madison pleading to take care of her twin stepkids, both of them going to stay with Madison’s family. There’s a peculiarity, however. Both the twins combust spontaneously wherever they get too worked up. It’s shocking, but it’s beautiful.

Lillian doesn’t have many things in her life to look forward to every day and so, she agrees to be their caretaker. Over an entire summer, Lillian gets close to the twins as they learn to trust her and stay composed while keeping their distance from Madison’s husband. And as time passes, Lilian realizes that her love for them is way past anything she could’ve ever imagined, and she needs them as much as they need her.

Will this be the perfect happy ending to the story she always wished for? Delicate and emotional, Nothing to See Here keeps you enchanted with this beautiful story of parental affection. Marin Ireland narrates the story with flair and expertise, providing a unique angle to each character, and bringing out their quirks and traits merely through her voice. 

3. The Dutch House by Ann Pratchett

Fate and love knock horns in this moving historical novel. With some luck and timing, Cyril Conroy created a huge real estate business after the second world war. And so, a family that was a regular victim of poverty became immensely rich all of a sudden. And the first thing carried out by Cyril is to purchase the Dutch House to surprise his wife. A sprawling property just outside Philadelphia, the mansion will initiate a chain of events that would tear apart everything he’s ever loved.

We follow Cyril’s son, Danny, and Maeve, his clever and wise elder sister, as they’re thrown into the same shadows of poverty their parents had taken them away from. Banished from The Dutch House, the same house they spent their childhood in, by their stepmother. Finding themselves in harsh conditions, they soon discover the necessity of each other for survival and carrying on. And it’s the relationship between the two that would save them, time and time again, in the future.

A love story between siblings that spans over decades, the book is about two people trying impossibly to escape their past and destiny, coming back to all that they’ve lost. And when the past finally calls them back, their relationship will be tested like never before.

The audiobook rendition simply can’t be missed, for Tom Hanks narrates the story with warmth and tension that perfectly captures the soul of the book. It’s a sensitive story, and Hanks does a stellar job of reflecting that in the audiobook, making it more alive, more beautiful, and ensuring a memorable experience for all the listeners.

4. Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman

A story of obsession, love, friendship, and romance, Call Me By Your Name follows a 17-year-old Elio, living with his parents on the Italian Riviera. A summer guest, Oliver, arrives and Elio’s life changes forever. Initially pretending indifference, finally, the attraction and desires would get too overpowering for either of them to resist. A short-lived romance is born henceforth that will impact both their lives till the end.

With ripe imagery and sensuous prose, Aciman sketches a story of first love and passionate intimacy. The various states and fears of Elio, as he thinks about Oliver again and again, have been captured with the perfection that brings to the surface similar emotions in the listener’s experience.

Arnie Hammer, who also plays Oliver in the academy-winning film adaptation, voices this story and adds his own magic. Creating an atmosphere that transports you straight to that time and era, straight to those two boys, the audiobook enhances the experience of the book by several notches.

5. Know My Name by Chanel Miller

Emily Doe was her name when she became popular all over the globe with her statement on BuzzFeed. Widely translated and legally impactful, her letter shocked and impacted millions. Brock Turner, who was found assaulting her on Stanford campus, had been sentenced, and the letter gave thousands of victims the courage to speak up. Through this book, Chanel tells her story, of the shame, the trauma of it all, and the way words have the power to impact and bring change.

Through her story, one can see the way our culture protects the perpetrators and fails those that it’s meant to protect. Even though hers was a perfect case with eyewitnesses and evidence aplenty, her struggle through it all was filled with adversities nevertheless. The book provokes and challenges, changing the way we think about sexual assaults and healing in general. Chanel voices her story too, adding further depth and layers to her story and providing a more comprehensive listening journey.

6. Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Daisy is trying to make her mark, with dreams of singing at popular venues, and her voice has been getting noticed too. It’s the 1970s and The Six, led by Billy Dunne, is attracting more and more eyeballs. In comes Daisy Jones and what happens next is the stuff of legends. But how did this immensely successful band break off? And what lay behind their mysterious and infamous breakup? Capturing the era and atmosphere with deftness, Taylor pens a compelling story that keeps you coming back for more.

Whether you’re a fan of audiobooks or not, this one simply can’t be missed. Performed by a cast of voice actors, this story is meant to be heard, told in the form of oral history. Each actor is perfectly cast, adding depth to their respective roles, and shows unique angles through their style of expression. The story transforms itself entirely in the audio format, bringing out emotions and livening up the story with its energy.

7. Carrie by Stephen King

From the outset, it’s just the story of a schoolgirl named Carrie and the prom night that changed the fate of an entire city forever. But it’s much more than that. It’s the story of a girl who’s unable to comprehend the changes her body is undergoing. It’s the story of an unpopular student who’s frequently bullied, ostracized by everyone. It’s the story of religious fundamentalism and the negative impacts it can leave on all it affects. It’s the story of a child with an abusive parent. And it’s the story of broken dreams, broken people, and a broken world.

The first published piece by the king of storytelling, Carrie is an equal parts thriller, equal parts sci-fi, and equal parts high school drama. It packs a punch of emotions in a short duration and keeps you on your toes throughout the entirety of it. Narrated by Sissy Spacek, who also played Carrie in the 1976 adaptation, the audiobook is a delight to listen to. Sissy brings Carrie to life with power and poignancy, adding new dimensions and subtleties to her character, thereby providing a more evocative adventure.

7 Best Audiobooks To Listen To While Cooking

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