5 Synthetic Leather Bags To Look Fashionable While Being Ecological

If you like to dress in fashion and care a lot about animals, a good option is a classic design bag made of synthetic leather and ecological fabrics such as Balmain bags.

They are functional and elegant accessories that will make you feel proud of rejecting the use of fur, without losing that modern and elegant look that distinguishes you so much. So leave a positive mark and choose between the bags that we show you below.

Synthetic Leather Bags
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Synthetic Leather Bags

Cross Body Strap Bag

It is a bag with a synthetic leather exterior and lined inside with polyester fabric. Its design includes a crossover shoulder strap that you can adjust from 12 to 24 inches plus a zipper closure on the front decorated with tassels.

Delicate Stitching Piece With Double Straps

Tote bag made with faux leather that features a finely stitched polyester lining, double straps, and a top zipper closure. The design comes with a central pocket and internal compartments to keep your items organized.

It is a retro-style accessory that is suitable to combine with any look of the season. In addition, you can complement the style of this faux fur accessory with high-heeled boots.

Synthetic Leather Bags
image from canva

Faux Fur Accessories

It is a bag with synthetic leather on the outside and polyester fabric on the inside. Its design features a top handle, detachable shoulder strap, and gold-tone hardware with a decorative padlock. The set includes a matching clutch bag.

This design has a flat bottom and internal compartments with enough storage space for you to carry your books, tablet, and makeup. It is an elegant accessory that you can wear to a formal outing or a party.

Set Of Bags With Faux Ostrich Skin

It is a bag made of synthetic material with a design that resembles the skin of an ostrich, this combines with a pair of shoulder straps and a zipper closure that gives access to its main compartment. It also includes a matching purse.

It is a set of modern and comfortable carry bags that allow you to keep all your belongings well organized. However if you want to set a trend with these pieces, you can combine them perfectly with a trouser suit.

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Mini Convertible Backpack

It is a convertible mini backpack made with synthetic leather on the outside that is resistant to scratches, while its internal lining is made of soft fabric. It comes with a matching front pocket with a zipper, two side pockets, and a back pocket.

This design includes adjustable and removable straps so you can carry it as a backpack or as a cross-body bag. Its unique design allows you to store heavy loads without causing any discomfort.

Tips To Know How To Choose The Perfect Bag

The first thing you should take into account is if you are one of those who use a few bags and you only have a couple of them. If so, the one you buy must meet some requirements so that you can use it many times and for a long time.

Do not buy a bag of large size, not one too small so you can use it on different occasions, the color should be neutral, black, beige, and white, without many decorations that prevent you from combining them with all your clothes.

Take into account the compartments of the bag and make sure that everything you normally carry fits in it. If you are looking for a bag for a special occasion, you should think about whether it is formal, semi-formal, or casual and buy one that fits the moment and the type of clothes you are going to wear.

If you are going to buy it to combine with some shoes or accessories, take a sample of the exact color so that you do not get confused and when you get dressed it is noticed that you are wearing more colors than necessary.


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