Welcoming Our Third Baby

If you follow me on instagram, then you know that I had a baby a month ago.And that’s why I took a month off blogging to spend some time with with my little one and get enough rest.

Time seems to run really fast when you take a break off work. But that;s one reason why I love my job. Because I work from home, I still get to spend time with my baby and work at the same time.

As a newborn, she sleeps through out the day and that means I can get a lot done during the day.

It’s still hard for me to believe that I’m a mom of three beautiful girls at 28. And this happened within 3 years, which means I’ve been pregnant every year since 2016…..yeah, i know….but this is the last time…may be.lol

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a maternity shoot like I did with my first and second pregnancy. What I did instead was take photos of my little girls that announced that there was a new addition to our family.

birth announcement with siblings
The Glossychic
birth announcement with big sisters

Honestly it wasn’t easy to get them to sit still or hold the paper right but I think it turned out okay.

newborn photos with siblings
newborn photoshoot with big sister
newborn photoshoot with sisters
newborn photoshoot with siblings

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