7 Gorgeous Feedin Braids With Curly Weave

Why choose between fixing a weave or braiding your hair when you can do both at the same time and still look gorgeously beautiful?

Day in and day out, hairstylists are coming up with different ways to style their customers’ hair, and one trend that we are currently loving is the feedin braids with curly weave.

feedin braids with curly weave
photo by braidedbynicks

What is feedin braids with weave and how is it done?

Feedin braids with weave is not as complicated as it sounds. It is simply a hairstyle where we have feed in braids in front and weave at the back.

Although the finished look has cornrows in front and weave at the back, it is done by braiding all of the hair as cornrows. The only thing is that, since the front braids will be exposed, those ones are braided like feed-in braids and are longer than the braids at the back.

With the back, the cornrows are braided like they are done when fixing a weave, this way your hairstylist can sew in the curly weaves at the back.

So for this hairstyle, your hairstylist will start by braiding your front hair feed in cornrows. This is done by braiding the hair with kanekalon hair extensions which she will keep adding in small bits as she braids (hence, the name feedin).

Once she is done braiding the front, she will move on to braid the back hair in a cornrow and after that sew in the curly weave at the back.

See below for some beautiful feedin braids with curly weaves that we are sure will make you on to try this hairstyle asap.

Feedin braids with weave ideas

Feedin braids with weave medium

Feedin braids with weave medium
photo by debrahhair
Feedin braids with weave medium
photo by savsstyles

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