14 Beautiful Valentine Hairstyles To Do In 2022

Is your outfit ready for Valentine’s Day? You’ve got the dress and the shoes? You’ve got all the accessories? Now, what about your hair? Please don’t tell me you don’t really care about how your hair is going to be; it’s valentine’s day for crying out loud!

For a complete and perfect look, one cannot overlook how the hair is styled. The first thing a person notices when looking at someone is how the hair looks and whether the hairstyle matches the outfit and occasion. For this reason, we’ve compiled 14 valentine hairstyles that are perfect fits for the occasion.

Whether considering wearing your hair long or short, there are different ways and styles in which you can wear it; be it changing of hair color or adding braids. 

Valentine hairstyles to wear

Pink colored valentine hairstyles

Pink is a color used most to symbolize love and what better way to mark a day of love than by dyeing your hair in a shade of pink. you could dye it light pink which gives off a pure and innocent look or hot pink which gives off a sophisticated and sultry look.

And not just leaving it as that, there are different ways to style your pink hair such as the low bun with a rose twist, or holding it together with little rose braids, or doing it half up.

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Purple tones

Purple is also another color that can be used for Valentine’s day. If you don’t want to go for full on purple hair, then just some purple tones in your hair will do. Going for a luxurious look this valentine, then why not take a look at these purple hairstyles and have a go at it.

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Braids and high bun styles

These braid hairstyles are a must-try look to go for; they are easy to accomplish and are suitable for any event. Adding accessories give it a sophisticated look that is suitable for formal events. The high bun in a heart shape is a simple, ready-to-go look that is easy to accomplish.

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