Matching Your Hairdo To Your Dress

matching your hairdo to your dress

You’ve got the dress, now what about the hair? Here’s how you can choose the perfect do to match personality and neckline.

Whether you’re off to the prom or homecoming with a crush, a boyfriend or your very best friend, it’s going to be a memorable night. And what with the age of Twitter and Instagram, Facebook and others, prom and homecoming have become completely immortalized. So it’s only natural you want your photos to be drop dead gorgeous.

You can always find plenty of choices when you shop for a dress online. But, just make sure that you’re buying from reputable stores or else you might end up getting one of those knock-off fashion dresses. Once you’ve found a prom or homecoming dress online, it’s time to think about your hairstyle.

There are loads of choices and the best way to narrow it down is to choose a hairstyle that complements the dress. Here’s a simple guide to help you make the right decision and keep you feeling comfortable and elegant, no matter the fashion trend.

Choosing the Hairdo to Match the Dress
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Choosing the Hairdo to Match the Dress

There are loads of dress styles, right? So the best way to narrow down your options is to think about moods and themes. Let’s say you have an elegant and classic look – then a timeless hairstyle will be ideal. But if the dress is more relaxed and flowing, you will better suit a boho do.

Think About Your Neckline

There are multitudes of necklines for prom and unique homecoming dresses online. If you opt for one of the popular styles, definitely opt for an up do, set fairly low with a gentle texture like relaxed waves. Some other good options include a textured side-swept braid; a low side-swept bun or a faux wavy bob.

Hairstyles of Strapless Neckline Dresses
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Hairstyles of Strapless Neckline Dresses

If you’ve settled on a strapless dress, then by all means show off the dress and your shoulders. So you could choose a sophisticated side-swept up style or even wear your hair half up half down or completely down. This will draw eyes towards the sweetheart neckline and make your shoulders look softer.

A High Neckline

If you’d prefer dresses with high necklines, then it just seems natural to pull all the hair up into a slicked chignon or elegant topknot. This will make your neck and your dress’s neckline stand out. You could have a tight ponytail or chignon in the middle of the head or even a high up topknot for pure elegance.

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Backless Dress Do’s

A backless dress can be paired with a variety of hairstyles. You’ll want to show off the intricate back so the ideal option is an up do that matches the dress’s theme – such as elegant, vintage or boho. Braids and chignons are great options, but if you’d prefer to leave your hair down, choose a wavy side-swept style or soft braid.

Halter Top Ideas

Halter tops are in again and to go with them you should choose higher hairstyles like high braids. If you have short hair and want to leave your hair down, go for a slicked back half-up style that is bound to complement this neckline choice.

Asymmetrical Necklines

One shoulder dresses may seem like tricky options since straps can vary greatly. From simple one-inch styles to big ruffles, gems and jewels, options for prom and homecoming dresses are endless. Typically, an off-the shoulders hairstyle will help focus on the neckline. Go for a style that won’t compete with the straps but complement the lines of the dress like relaxed waves or a side-swept French twist.

When thinking about hairstyles, remember that the style you go for should first and foremost complement your personal taste. If you simply cannot decide which will flatter your face and dress shape the most, visit your hairstylist for a run-through a few days before the big night. That way you’ll be certain to have chosen the perfect style for your dress and face shape.


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