Unusual Properties Of Some Gems

Today, jewellery stores present jewellery with any stones that exist in nature. Most select them only on the basis of appearance.

But since ancient times, natural stones have been treated not as a beautiful thing, but as a powerful amulet​​ and even a cure. It is believed to this day that a suitable gemstone can protect a person and bring positive emotions. 

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The stone must only evoke pleasant feelings. This is a requirement. A mineral that matches the sign of the Zodiac according to the horoscope will provide the owner with the greatest benefit. Considerations for selecting a stone include gender, age, date of birth, and personal preferences. 

Diamond- Unusual Properties Of Some Gems
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Some of the stones and their main features are below: 


The healing properties of diamonds make it possible to reduce heat with their help. In addition, it fights infections, relieves fatigue, and activates metabolism.

This precious stone prevents the appearance of gastric diseases, helps to remove insomnia. As an amulet, diamond helps with skin conditions, schizophrenia, and depression as well as sclerosis and kidney stone prevention.  

In addition to enhancing the influence of other stones, diamond has a strong healing effect on the body and spirit of humans. But it can result in both happiness and misery. 

In the East, it is believed that if a diamond was received as a gift or inherited, then this is a good sign. But if it was bought, then it cannot be worn right away, it must lie in the house for 7 years. A diamond stolen or acquired dishonestly will bring misfortune and quick death to its owner. 

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This stone is used for headache relief, the treatment of tumours and ulcers, and to enhance vision. The stone is a sign of illness. Turquoise’s tarnishment indicates an illness.

The turquoise stone has magical characteristics and represents endless love. As a result, it has traditionally been used as an amulet for ladies and girls. It prevents arguments inside families and makes men aware of the dignity of women. Turquoise gives its owner ambition and creative thinking.  

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Colds, heart disease, hypertension, and central nervous system issues can all be helped by sapphire. In many diseases, washing the eyes using sapphire-infused water is an excellent idea. You can find calm and escape from a difficult situation by wearing a ring or pendant with a deep blue sapphire. It helps you get over a variety of phobias and fears as well as deal with lethargy. 

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A high-quality ruby will aid in the recovery of patients suffering from blood, mental, and joint illnesses. You can significantly increase cerebral blood flow and memory with its help. The stone can be used as an antidote. The constant wearing of ruby jewellery will help overcome insomnia and depression. 

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Emeralds have been used in folk medicine since ancient times. The natural green colour of the emerald is admirable. From rich grassy to delicate with a bluish tint.

With their help, you can treat heart and inflammatory diseases, burns, psoriasis, and diabetes. Owners of such jewellery acquire life wisdom, determination, and the ability to make money.


The Larvik Fjord in Norway is where the mineral was first found. It is a representative of the feldspar family of igneous stones. Its colours range from deep blue to dark grey. Black specimens are also known. They could have steel or blue-tinted spills. Larvikite refers to the water element of the zodiac. It is the stone associated with the Aquarius sign.

In addition to fighting against the impacts of negative energy, larvikite also activates the brain, the desire to achieve a goal, and spiritual energies. Making a talisman out of it will help in learning and job advancement.

For those who are suffering from strokes, larvikite is crucial. It improves brain function, normalizes artery and intracranial pressure, and activates the body’s regenerative forces.


Garnet is a group of minerals that helps with high fever, headaches. Used for bronchitis and lung problems, insomnia, heart and brain diseases, jaundice. It is also a protector from cataclysms and witchcraft, a symbol of marital happiness. A stone of lovers that can protect against betrayal and preserve feelings. 

If you are going to purchase a new piece of jewellery, you should study its magical properties, so as not to make a mistake when choosing a stone. By clarifying the meaning of the mineral and its properties, you can get not just a beautiful piece of jewellery but also an effective talisman or amulet that will give strength in difficult times and protect against many dangers.


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