Makeup Must-Haves For Every Young Woman

If you’re new to makeup or have been dabbling in it for long, having a variety of beauty basics to create a go-to attractive appearance is vital. It’s a lot simpler to introduce fun or fashionable cosmetics to your wardrobe and integrate it into your makeup routines once you’ve mastered the basics.

In this post, we’ll walk you through one of the most crucial cosmetic items for young females, if you’re just a makeup newbie who loves the no-makeup look or a seasoned veteran wanting to round out your inventory.

So, read down to discover my list of makeup must-haves for your cheeks, eyelashes, and lips, as well as makeup application and storage equipment.

Makeup must-haves



Foundation is perhaps the most difficult aspect of your beauty process to master because you must examine not only the level of coverage you need (pure, moderate, or complete), and yet also your complexion and overtones.

Whether you’re inexperienced with foundation or just aren’t sure what kind of shade is appropriate for you, we advise going to your closest Sephora, MAC, or shopping complex and letting a cosmetologist help you choose one that looks nice and satisfies your coverage preferences.

Requesting a trial is also a good strategy if you want to experience how a product looks on your face before purchasing it. However, if you like inexpensive foundations, We suggest being matched at a higher-end shop initially.

This will help you figure out which color schemes to seek. You could also try Temptation’s Foundation Matrix, Sephora’s Color IQ tool, and Foundation, among other virtual foundation-finding services.

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Since it is available in several unique colors and patterns and can be applied in so many diverse ways, eyeshadow should be everyone’s favorite cosmetic product. For a much more appealing appearance, eyelash extensions can be used.

We recommend single eyeshadows over sets since you don’t have to bother spending dollars on colors you won’t even use. If you don’t already have comparable single colors, you should get one of the Urban Decay Naked Color schemes, which are all fantastic for starters.


When it comes to highlighting, this list would be incomplete without a highlighter! Highlighter exists in powdery, crème, fluid, sticks, and powder/cream hybrid varieties, much like so many other skincare products. Each one of these types has its own set of advantages, although the powdered ones are the simplest to deal with for novices.

For a perfect appearance, sweep highlighter across the bridge of your nose, the points of your cheekbones, your lip’s arch, and just below your eyelids. One might also use your highlighter as eyeliner if you want to be really creative.

Ultimately, much like choosing the appropriate foundation shade, picking the best highlighter hue is dependent on your unique skin complexion and tones, so it’s a good thing to try on several hues in real life if at all conceivable. The Anastasia palette is the perfect highlighter just because it includes four unique options to customize any sort of makeup effect.

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Blush can make a substantial difference in your overall appearance, and no one can skip it in the cosmetic regimen. Blush is extremely crucial if you’re using a foundation with a higher level of opaque coverage, which could also make your chapped skin flat.

Powder, ointment, and creamy blushes are the most common, with powder being the most prevalent. Creamy and gelatin blushes, on the other hand, have recently become quite appealing. Choose a blush tone that will give you a natural glow when picking a blush. Irrespective of your skin tone, avoid going too light or using a heavy hand while applying makeup since both might make you seem cartoonish.

Pale and plum tones are best for a decent complexion, whilst also magenta, burgundy, and crimson tones are best for darker complexions. Applying blush on the ends of your cheekbones and crosswise up towards your forehead seems to be something we suggest exploring, regardless of your face structure.

This will not only frame your face with a flawless complexion, but it will also draw attention to your cheekbones and accentuate your face’s natural features. As long as you merge effectively, it also appears more natural than merely putting blush on the ends of your cheekbones. It is indeed impossible to go wrong with blush.

Clinique’s dazzling blush and the new unique Beauty crème blushes are the best, with everyone else on TikTok raving about their vibrancy.

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Face primer

While some individuals believe that face primer isn’t important, we believe that it is an essential part of everyone else’s makeup regimen. Face primers have a range of effects on your face and mascara, but their main purpose is to moisturize your skin beautifully and make your makeup look fresh for the whole day.

If you’re searching for a solution to regulate oil or blackheads, hydrate, smooth out the inconsistent texture, tone correction, or anything else, there’s a primer for everyone. Fenty Beauty’s primer is the best face primer – it’s costly, but a little goes a very long way, and the product stays long.


Concealer is essential whether you have pimples, dark spots, or any other type of impairment. Comprehensive concealers and thinner texture concealers are also obtainable, but which one you should use hinges on how much you want to camouflage.

For one of the most natural outcomes, choose a concealer for acne and/or blemishes that is as similar to your foundation/BB crème hue as feasible. Dark spots are a little trickier to hide because of the wide range of shades and also how they behave on different skin colors, although in general, a peachy or pale concealer will do the task.

Estee Lauder Double Wear is one of the best concealers for imperfections and discoloration. Bobbi Brown’s Aligner in Bisque is the perfect concealer for dark under-eye bags.

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Setting spray

Setting spray/powder, such as face primer, helps to retain your makeup in line for the whole day. There seem to be varying formulas based on the sort of finish you want (dry, dazzling, etc.) and whether or not you want any skincare products advantages from your setting spray/powder (e.g. moisturizing, oil-absorbing, etc.). But don’t leave it blank if you really want your cosmetics to last for more time.

Makeup Must-Haves For Every Young Woman

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