12 Spring Wardrobe Essentials For 2021

As we just entered March, the weather is about to get a little warm, so it’s time to put away the cashmere and all those heavy clothing and make room for some spring outfits.

If you are not sure what to get for your wardrobe this spring, don’t worry. We’ve put together 12 spring wardrobe essentials that you need for spring 2021.

Spring wardrobe essentials 2021

1. White jeans

white jeans
source: ig/ @midolcevita

White jeans are very versatile as they match every piece of clothing you want. Whether it’s a neutral or brightly coloured top, you can pair it with white jeans. Whether your blouse is fitting or loose and flowy, you can still pair it with white jeans.

There are different types of white jeans to choose from. It all comes down to your preference and your personal style. So whether you prefer white skinny jeans or bootcut style or cropped white jeans, you can go for either of them or better still all of them.

2. Floral dress

Floral is one spring trend that never goes out of style and floral dresses are a definite must-have for spring. Whether it is a maxi dress or a midi dress, it is a gorgeous piece and you need one in your spring wardrobe.

floral dress
source: ig/ @neveenjanini

3. Flowy blouse

yellow flowy blouse
source: ig/ @sara_waiste

Flowy blouses are transition clothing you need in your closet. They are perfect for this time of the year where spring is around the corner and the weather isn’t freezing and not too warm either.

Wearing a flowy top is a way to get your spring on whiles making sure your body is covered enough and not too exposed to the cold weather.

4. Shirt dress

shirt dress
source: ig/ @vic_michelle_

Shirt dresses are basically casual shirts that are a tad bit longer and so can be worn as a dress. And spring is a great time to wear shirt dresses since the weather is a lot warmer in spring and you can wear your shirt dress without having to layer it.

5. Fit and flare dresses

fit and flare floral dress
source: ig/ @vinty.dolls

Fit and flare dresses come in different styles. These dresses are usually fitted at the top and then flowy down, so this makes the fit and flare dress a flattering piece if cloth.

6. Trench coat

trench coat
source: ig/ @hancooper_

Another spring wardrobe essential is the trench coat. They are simple and versatile and you can wear a trench coat over anything, they will keep you dry in case there’s a sudden spring shower.

7. T-shirts

t shirt
source: ig/ @brukolberg

T-shirts are wardrobe staples for any season as they are so versatile. In the colder seasons, you can layer your t-shirts with heavy coats, in the warmer seasons you can simply wear them without any layers or pair them with some cute blazers.

For spring, you can pair your t-shirt with skinny jeans or a cute skirt. You can also wear it under your strapless dress for nights when the weather is a bit colder.

8. Sandals

source: ig/ @urbanogcom

As the weather is about to get warmer, it is time to ditch the knee-high boots and ankle boots and wear sandals. Let your feet breathe this spring. Show your feet some love by getting a pedicure this spring and then wear more sandals.

9. Flat shoe

flat shoe
source: ig/ @ballerimadeinitaly

Flat shoes are very comfortable to wear. And they give your feet enough exposure as they are not too high like boots. So for occasions where the sandals won’t cut it, just grab your flats and you are good to go.

10. Sunglasses

Sunglasses aren’t just fashion accessories, they also protect your eyes from the direct sun rays. So get yourself a pair of sunglasses this spring.

straw bag and sunglasses
source: ig/ @saramkessler

11. Straw bag

Switch things up this spring and get aboard the straw bag trend.

12. Brightly coloured top

It’s spring, everywhere is bright and beautiful. So pack up the dark clothes and make room for some brightly coloured pieces to get in the spring mood.

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