How To Pull Off A Dressy Pantsuit To Prom [Best Tips & Trends]

When you think of prom, the first thing that probably pops into your head is floor-length gowns or fit & flare dresses. But why limit your options to typical styles when you can slay in power dresses? It’s 2022! And dressy pantsuits are in for prom in plenty of ways: jumpsuits, wide-leg pants, romper, pantsuits with overskirts, and a lot more.

Yes, you heard it right! Dressy pantsuits are all the rage. From runways to streets, they have made a powerful impact on the fashion world. So, say no to traditional prom dresses and flaunt your individuality in a dressy pantsuit or jumpsuit in 2022. Trust us; you’ll have the most standout look in the room!

Here, we’ve looked into the best ways to style a jumpsuit and highlighted the top trends. Let’s go!

Tips to style a dressy pantsuit

Fancy pantsuits are a new love of fashionistas; they are easy to style and carry. However, they can be a little intimidating and make you look unflattering if not worn correctly. But don’t worry! These essential tips will help you rock a dressy pantsuit at prom flawlessly:

Tips to style a dressy pantsuit

1. Find the perfect fit

The key to pulling off the power look at prom is getting a perfect fit jumpsuit. Look for the ‘ONE’ that’s tailored to your shape and highlights your best feature. If you wear a jumpsuit that is too tight or too loose, you may completely lose your figure.

For instance, if you have plus-size curves, you can go for a jumpsuit with a wrap top, stripe pattern, or off-shoulder design. You can also put on the belt to create a defined waist.

Pro Tip: If you are looking forward to buying a unique jumpsuit for prom, consider browsing the collection of Jovani prom dresses. Jovani is a leading fashion brand popular for its exceptional quality and attention to detail.

2. Go for a solid color

A solid jumpsuit is perfect for making an impression at formal galas, like prom. Plus, they are easy to accessorize. You can opt for a solid black, navy blue, red, white, forest, or any dark color in jumpsuits to appear on fleek.

Nevertheless, if you’re thinking of adding an extra hint of glam to your prom look, solid jumpsuits with sequin details are a great choice.

3. Choose accessories wisely

Rules for accessories usually remain the same, whether it’s a dress or dressy pantsuit. If you have opted for a pantsuit with bling, make it certain to balance it with minimal accessories. Simple studs, solid heels, and nude makeup look are all you need to give a finishing touch to it.

On the other hand, if your pantsuit or jumpsuit is in a simple solid pattern, you can brighten up your look with statement jewelry and bold makeup. Speaking of earrings, hoops are the most versatile yet sassy option to complement your prom outfit.

4.  Wear comfortable shoes

The best part about pantsuits or jumpsuits is: all types of shoes go well with them. But YES, the choice of shoes does influence your overall look.

Choose flat ballerinas or sneakers if you wish to look casual yet chic. For a glam statement, a pair of wedges or stilettos from Verali shoes will work like a wonder. Besides, you can also seize low-heeled sandals to embrace both comfort and charm at the same time.

5. Confidence is the key!

A dressy pantsuit is a great way to look incredible and show off your power style. But, to pull it off like a pro at prom, you must feel confident about your look.

Remember: Prom is a special, magical night of the year, so make sure to celebrate yourself!

5 prom dressy pantsuit trends that you’ll love

Now that you know how to adorn a dressy pantsuit, jump on these hot trends to narrow down your options:

Two-piece pantsuit with slit long sleeves

The craze for sleeve slit design is unparalleled! The fact that you can wear it as office wear or rock it at the formal prom party makes it a picture-perfect choice to have in your wardrobe.

For your most awaited prom night, you can dress up in an exclusive two-piece collared pantsuit with long slit sleeves. You can easily get the ‘ONE’ from the Jovani dress assortment.

Choose solid stilettos to complete the look, and you are ready to be the showstopper.

Two-piece pantsuit with slit long sleeves

One shoulder sequin jumpsuit

If you yearn to shop for little something *extra*, a voguish one-shoulder sequin jumpsuit is the best. Of course, you can play with colors and the style of sleeves to create your dream prom look.

Don’t forget to accessorize it with hoop earrings or studs while keeping the rest of the look subtle.

Off-shoulder jumpsuit with back tail

Not all girls like to follow trends; some just want to be trendsetters! If you are one on the list, too, consider decking up an off-shoulder jumpsuit with a back tail.

While the off-shoulder neckline will add sizzle to your personality, the mid-rise open back, at the same time, gives you the exquisite look of your dreams. Bonus tip: Keep your accessories simple to let the natural elegance of the style speak for itself.

Off-shoulder jumpsuit with back tail

Bow accented strapless jumpsuit

Looking to flaunt a power style while still embracing the princess vibes? It’s simple: snap up the strapless prom jumpsuit adorned with an oversized bow and sweeping train. When carried with confidence, it is sure to give you a runway look.

We suggest you keep your accessories and makeup subtle with such a fancy style to look your best. 

Bow accented strapless jumpsuit

Ready to dress up powerful for prom?

There is real power in dressy pantsuits. With ‘ONE’ in your closet, you don’t have to worry that someone else may be wearing the same thing. Plus, they are best to break stereotypes and set new trends.

We hope our guide to pulling off a dressy pantsuit/jumpsuit to prom helps you be the best-dressed girl at prom. And, who knows, this unique style may make your way to becoming the prom queen!

Happy dressing!



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