Is It Worth Going Under The Knife? 3 Examples of Botched Cosmetic Surgery

Though many cultures across the world hold unique ideas when it comes to the definition of beauty, here in the West, we live in a society that holds beauty to a timeless standard. And often, these standards are unrealistic in many ways.

Due to the pressure, many feel to remain youthful, plastic surgery and other surgical enhancements are big business for cosmetic surgeons. But as with all invasive surgeries, sometimes this can lead to significant medical problems.

Even if you’re wanting to take the excess belly fat off by getting a tummy tuck, you still run the risk of medical complications while you undergo surgery. And though some of these complications can be resolved, some can last a lifetime.

If you’re considering cosmetic surgery, it’s also important to understand the risks. In the following, we’ll detail a few examples of common botched plastic surgeries and what you can do about them.

lip injections

3 examples of botched cosmetic surgery

Lip injections

In popular western culture, full lips are considered sensuous and beautiful whereas thin lips are not. As such, lip fillers and injections top the list of plastic surgeries that many people regret.

Low-budget lip fillers that are offered at salons across the country have been in the news recently for the severe problems that they’ve caused. And some of these symptoms have included painful swelling, leaking, bruising, and even bursting.

Though medical procedures can be sought out to enhance the lips, sometimes these procedures produce effects that are otherwise undesirable, especially as your face ages and the lips become a prominent, unnatural facial feature.

Breast augmentation

Perhaps the most common example of cosmetic surgeries gone wrong is that of botched breast implants. And in the past when breast augmentation was a relatively new practice, this procedure has caused cancer due to leaking implants, and some have resulted in death.

The breasts are sensitive areas of the female body, and due to the proportional values, it’s often hard to modify the breasts without one looking larger than the other. In fact, months after breast implant surgery, many women have reported issues with proportion and lop-sided breasts.

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Butt injections

Just like having large breasts is considered “sexy,” so is having a toned or larger rear-end. And while some may prefer to have larger buttocks, butt injections have caused serious injuries in some cases.

Cosmetic surgery is expensive. As such, many people opt for cheaper alternatives which can be extremely harmful. For example, in 2017, a woman dubbed the “Toxic-Tush Doctor” was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison for administering butt injections using super-glue and Fix-a-Flat, which ultimately caused one of her patients to die.

What to do in the event of botched cosmetic surgery

If you’ve recently gone under the knife in any capacity to have cosmetic surgery and you’ve come away with complications, the first thing you should do is to seek proper medical attention.

Improper plastic surgery can lead to severe medical complications, and these can be fatal if left untreated. Once you have medical documentation of your surgery and your subsequent complications, you should then seek the help of a personal injury attorney.

If you’re the victim of a botched cosmetic procedure, you’ll likely qualify for compensation under personal injury law. And in some circumstances, a criminal suit may also be filed if a practitioner is found to have performed the procedure outside of the law.

Above all, seeking medical attention should be your first priority after a botched cosmetic procedure. Because time is of the essence, especially if a toxic substance has been injected into your body.

We might not all be completely happy with our bodies. But the risks of surgery sometimes outweigh the benefits that we might gain. If you’re looking to enhance your body in any way, your best strategy is to seek out natural methods that don’t require invasive surgeries or injections that could lead to significant medical problems.

Is It Worth Going Under The Knife? 3 Examples of Botched Cosmetic Surgery

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