How To Create A Relaxation Space At Home

 When the stresses of work and domestic life become a little bit burdensome, it’s always nice to have a place of sanctuary. Somewhere you can retreat to when things feel overwhelming.

It’s possible to create such a space in your home. But this isn’t something that you should do half-heartedly. A purpose-built space for relaxation will allow you to relax that much more effectively. You’ll be able to get just the required dose of peace and quiet, at just the right time.

Let’s run through a few of the components that make up a good relaxation space.

How To Create A Relaxation Space At Home
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Certain colours lend themselves to relaxation, while others do quite the opposite. You’ll want to choose colours that promote calm and good cheer. These tend to be blues, yellows and greens. Generally, you’ll want to go with more muted pastel shades, rather than bold and brash ones.

It’s important that you pay attention to your own personal taste, however. If you find that you’re able to unwind when you’re surrounded by garish, intense shades, then don’t feel that you have to stick to what the ‘rules’ recommend.


Lighting plays an essential role in busting stress. You want to avoid the sterile look of a dentist or a late-night takeaway. Avoid bright lights in favour of dimmable lamps and candles. Fire tends to promote relaxation, and it will also reduce your risk of eye strain. You might also think about the role natural light plays in your space. Dress your windows such that as much light as possible gets in, and use mirrors to distribute it to every corner.

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When it comes to decoration, it’s generally a good idea to go with personal items and to go for a minimalist approach. If there are too many decorative items, then the eye will have trouble settling, and the result will be a feeling of disorder.

So, choose a few personal photos, posters and other memorabilia. If you’re an NHS worker, then you might take advantage of an HMV NHS discount code to get hold of some music-related memorabilia, or equipment.

You should also make a point of bringing in a houseplant or two. These have a proven positive effect on your mood and general mental well-being.


One highly effective way of dealing with clutter is to invest in good made-to-measure storage. That way, you’ll always make the maximum possible use of the available space. You might also cultivate the habit of tidying up regularly. Set aside a specific time of day, during which you’ll intensely tidy the place.


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