20+ Pretty Pastel Blue Nails For 2022

Pastel blue is simply a lighter shade of blue. Over the recent years, pastel colors have gained popularity in the nail industry and today, we’ll take a look at some nail designs with pastel blue.

Pastel blue nails are lovely and beautiful. You can have this nail color with any nail shape or length. Whether you want ballerina nails or stiletto nails, whether you are in the mood for long nails or you would much rather prefer short nails for convenience, it doesn’t matter what nail you opt for, you can use pastel blue for it.

You can stick with just pastel blue for all the nails or try mixing it with other colors. You can also go ahead to accessorize your nails with some foils or rhinestones.

Due to how calming pastel colors are, you can match your pastel blue nails with any outfit for any occasion. See these lovely photos of some pastel blue nail designs you can do in 2022.

Pastel blue nails 2022

pastel blue nails
photo by _nailsbynix
photo by ytz.nailz
photo by france_nailz
pastel blue nails
photo by ahelen
photo by nailedby.ma
pastel blue nails
photo by france_nailz
photo by srhnails_
pastel blue nails
photo by beautyby.ym
photo by nuunuu.nailz
photo by dic.nails

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