5 High Maintenance Haircuts Men Should Know

One man’s food is another man’s poison. What I mean is that while a lot of men prefer low-maintenance haircuts that are easy to style at home, we legends love to walk out of the most expensive barber shops in town, with a hundred-dollar-looking haircut on. Yes, even though these luxurious haircuts may be a pain to maintain and expensive to style.

So, if you happen to be a member of the men-of-luxury category, this post is about to add 5 more options to your list of haircuts. See the first one below.

high maintenance haircuts
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Luxurious And High-Maintenance Haircuts For Men

1. Mid-Fade Pompadour With Goatee

A Pompadour haircut features voluminous top-front hair and back-brushed sides. The voluminous top is called a “Pomp” which is usually styled with a high-shine-rated hair gel or hair pomade. It is then held into position by spraying it with a texturizing hairspray.

When paired with a Mid-Fade and a Goatee, a Pompadour looks youthful and becomes suitable for both professional and informal settings. Spoilers: that “pomp” needs to be restyled with a few globs of hair gel and resprayed to stay in style, almost every day.

2. Low Faux Hawk With Corporate Beard

A Faux Hawk is described with long top hair that is brushed forward and disconnected from the two sides and back of the head which are trimmed into a Clipper Fade. This haircut is edgy, and classy, and can make the face look more mature when combined with a Corporate beard. After fixing this haircut, the Clipper Fade and the beard need to be constantly retrimmed to look neat. Also, the top hair must be kept frizz-free, restyled, and texturized. For these reasons, you need to stock up on hair mousse, a strong-hold hair wax, and a leave-in conditioner.

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3. Curly Faux Hawk With Boxed Beard

Did I just say a Faux Hawk is expensive to style and maintain? Try the curly version. A Curly Fax Hawk is sexy, stylish, and never goes out of trend. However, nothing good comes easy. In addition to the previously mentioned hair grooming products for a Faux Hawk, you must also have curly irons and curl creams in your kit after fixing a Curly Faux Hawk. This haircut can also be paired with a Boxed beard for a date.

high maintenance haircuts
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4. Side Part

A Side Part is one of the most professional haircuts any gentleman will ever style. It is common among grooms-to-be, business tycoons, and attorneys. But mind you, if you have a receding hairline, a Side Part is not ideal as it may reveal your receded hairline even further. Other than this, a Side Part can be used to bring balance to the face, especially for guys with inverted triangle face shapes.

5. Bleached Spiky Faux Hawk With Hair Tattoo

Okay, enough with all the gentlemanliness and softness. This here is for all the rebellious souls out there who love to mix luxury with ruggedness when it comes to fashion. A Bleached Spiky Faux Hawk is a club party-ready haircut that will easily put you in the spotlight when paired with a hair tattoo.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of factors that go into picking a haircut and among those is your preference for simplicity or sophisticated luxury. In this article, I have reviewed 5 awesomely luxurious haircuts for men. Which of these haircuts are you looking forward to recreating? By the way, you can also check this list for 15 fade haircuts for guys.


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