Spruce Up Your Hair Care Routine for Winter


Winter can be a difficult time for hair- as the weather gets colder and the temperature drops, moisture decreases, leaving your hair dry. Furthermore, when your hair is dehydrated, it’s more prone to breakage, and this can also cause hair loss.

Here is some hair care advice to try when winter comes. Hence, if your hair is feeling somewhat brittle and dry, following these tips may help:

7 winter hair care tips

Wash your hair less frequently

Washing your hair takes away the protective oils that are essential for healthy hair. Therefore, skipping a shampoo day lets the scalp relax, and your hair strands can breathe as they soak up the sebum being produced by the skin. If you wash your hair too frequently, the first thing you will start to notice is dryness, in both hair and scalp.  

Trim your hair regularly

It is often easy to forget that you are supposed to get a haircut, we are all guilty of this! However, during winter, you should never forget to trim your hair because trimming keeps the hair healthy and stops split ends from getting worse. You should set a reminder on your phone to book a haircut every 3 months or so, this way you won’t forget.

Use a hydrating shampoo

Shampoos are fantastic because they add moisture, smoothness, and shine to hair that lacks moisture. Specific products, like the Blue Lagoon hydrating shampoo, for example, are specially formulated to hydrate hair and give extra care when it’s feeling dry. This will increase the moisture within your hair strands and protect them from the damaging winter cold.

Do a super intense mask once a week

Hair masks work similarly to face masks: they nourish and hydrate your hair to achieve healthy hair with minimal instances of breakage. Hair masks are sometimes called “deep conditioning treatments” or intensive hair masks- either one will get the job done by boosting the condition and health of your hair.

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Apply an oil treatment to the scalp

Oil treatments are an excellent way to care for both your hair and scalp. These treatments work by sealing the hair cuticle and, when the cuticle is sealed, the oil helps to protect the hair from any damage and also helps retain moisture and shine.

woman treating her hair with oil

Avoid very hot showers

Hot showers are great during cold days. However, when the water is very hot, it strips down the moisture from your hair (and skin!). This will leave it dehydrated and dry to the touch, especially in the long run. It would be best if you, therefore, kept your showers warm and short. If you can, before getting out of the shower, rinse your hair with cold water for a minute or so, this will give it an extra shine!

Use a microfiber towel

Microfiber towels are densely packed with fibers, compared to an ordinary towel, and their use will truly make a difference. This means that they cut down on dry time because they are manufactured with a split feature that wicks the water, thus making your hair dry faster. Also, you will not feel the need to rub your hair continuously, a practice that can easily damage hair.

The tips above will be sure to get you through winter. However, if you know of any more tips, please share them with others by leaving a comment!

7 winter hair care tips - Spruce Up Your Hair Care Routine for Winter

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