Why Do You Need To Get The Regular Mole Check Done?

While there’s no way to prevent moles from becoming cancerous, there are ways to lower your chances of developing them in the first place. One method is regular mole checks done at least once every 6 months, preferably twice per year. While these checks won’t detect early-stage melanomas, they’ll help you spot growths that could potentially turn malignant later.

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Below, we are going to explore the benefits of regularly checking your moles and how to choose a dermatologist who specializes in cosmetic surgery and dermatology.

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Why Do You Need to Get Regular Mole Check Done? 

To detect cancerous lesions:

It is essential for any person diagnosed with melanoma to get the mole checked regularly to give warning signs. Besides this, if the person has moles that have been there for long periods, it would be best to get them checked out.

Detecting pre-cancerous conditions:

Most people under the age of 30 do not have any problems when it comes to their moles. But, once in a while, one may develop a pre-cancerous condition such as actinic keratosis, basal cell carcinoma, or squamous cell carcinoma. These are all types of skin cancers, and when caught early, there is no need for surgical treatment. This means that the lesion should be treated before it becomes more serious.

Determine whether one needs cosmetic surgery:

Another benefit of checking your moles for aesthetic reasons is determining whether or not you need to go through aesthetic treatments like laser resurfacing. Laser resurfacing treats certain skin conditions, including acne scars, pigmentation marks, and sun damage. The process basically uses beams of light that are placed directly onto the skin and make it temporarily lighter. It does this by heating up the pigment cells to make them less visible.

Ensure health protection:

If you want to protect yourself against various diseases, you must go through medical testing periodically. It can help identify issues in your body that may lead to illness. Most of us know about skin cancer, but we do not realize that other illnesses can also cause symptoms similar to those of skin cancer.

You might think that it is better to wait until problems grow into large tumors before doing anything. In reality, a lot of skin cancer cases show no symptoms for many years. By the time they actually do appear, it is already too late to catch them. So, if you want to keep yourself safe, you ought to pay attention to your moles and see if anything unusual occurs.

The Bottom Line 

If you notice a mole is changing shape or color, growing more significant than usual, or bleeding when scratched lightly with a fingernail, see your doctor right away for an evaluation. Your doctor will likely recommend having the mole removed if it appears suspicious during an exam. Getting a mole checked requires patience as the results may take a few weeks. 

Why Do You Need To Get The Regular Mole Check Done?

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    Thank you for noting how mole checks are the best way for you to determine if you need cosmetic surgery. I really need to make sure if there are other ways to deal with the one on my upper back, so doing this might be the best way. I’ll definitely look for any dermatologists that can help me do an effective mole check right away.

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