Fantastic Blue Nail Designs For Fall 2021

The color blue has always been one of my favorite colors in fall. Apart from being one of my favorite colors, blue is one of the most popular manicure colors for fall right now. Having blue nail designs is a big thing right now in terms of fall trends.

And the good news is, there are plenty of shades of blue to choose from. When it comes to fall, think of shades like navy blue, royal blue, teal, and even ice blue.

When it comes to choosing a nail color, the majority of ladies are indecisive. If you’re at a loss for what to do with your nails, go with the color blue. Here are some fantastic blue nail designs to get you started.

Blue Nail Designs

Photo by moni_wien92
Photo by nailswvivi
Blue Nails Designs
Photo by ananails11
Blue Nails Designs
Photo by nailedby_natalia
Photo by tgbacademy
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Photo by evesnailsx
Photo by bednarska. nails
Blue Nails Designs
Photo by joannasnails
Blue Nails Designs
Photo by adry_dreamsnails
Photo by nickknailz
Blue Nails Designs
Photo by nailssbykate
Photo by jet_set_beauty_nails
Blue Nails Designs
Photo by khun_mimi
Photo by stephanini. nails
Photo by hybrydynka
Photo by acrylicsbyydiana

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