30+ Lovely Valentine’s Cake Designs To Get Him/her

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear cake is its sweetness; it is a symbol of sweetness. Valentine’s day being a day of love is marked with sweets to represent how sweet love can be – excuse my corniness. As Margaret succinctly wrote, “Cake is a metaphor for love”.

So for this valentine, make sure to get your loved ones a valentine cake that expresses your love without having to say too many words.

When presenting a cake, take note of 1 – what type of cake it is, 2 – what you are going to do with it, and lastly the appearance or look of the cake which is our focus.

Talking about types, there are different types of cakes, and then from these types, we get a whole lot of flavors. The flavors also come in varieties, for instance, looking at chocolate cakes, we can have the chocolate mud cake, the choc-honeycomb ice cream cake, double chocolate mousse cake, chocolate coconut cake, etc. The range of flavors to choose from is numerous.

Taking a look at what the cake is going to be used for is also an important aspect to take note of when presenting a cake. As we know, cakes have now become a part of every celebration in our lives; be it celebrating a birthday, graduation, a promotion, getting married, or even getting divorced.

Therefore, before presenting a cake, take a look at the occasion and check whatever reason it is for you to be presenting a cake. For an occasion such as valentine’s day, presenting a valentine’s cake is the way to go.

Now back to the looks of the cake which is the main point. The look of the cake shows what kind of celebration it is for. As said earlier, cakes are used to mark celebrations so the appearance and look of the cake have to go with the occasion.

In presenting a valentine’s cake, what makes it stand out as a valentine’s cake is its design. The flavor could be the receiver’s favorite or it could be any flavor but what shows your intention or purpose in giving that cake is not the flavor; it is the design. That’s what makes it a valentine’s cake.

Valentine’s cake designs to get him/her

Getting to know what the right design is, what design would clearly convey your feelings and thoughts can be tedious but do not fret, I am here to help. I have compiled an assortment of designs for your valentine’s cake right here just for you.

The designs come in different shapes and colors and I must say, all of them are works of art. All designs are rightfully credited and links are provided to their sites.

valentine's cake
Image credit- thewishinoven
valentine cake with chocolate icing topped with strawberries
Image credit- mbscakesng
Image credit- jewelcakesandpastries
Image credit- mbscakesng
valentine's cake
Image credit- puzzlecake.khorramabad
Image credit- cake_asal.banoo
Image credit- a.couple.of.cakes
Image credit- skazkacakes
Image credit- __.cakelicious.__
Image credit- the.blissful.whisk
Image credit- cake_donebarfi
Image credit- geannaswondercreations
Image credit- mazzbox
Image credit- pegi._.cake
Image credit- debrah_cakes
Image credit- caketown_ng
Image credit- lamaisonsucree.shop
Image credit- mamawithawhisk_
valentine's cake
Image credit- art_chocolate_
Image credit- quookiethecakery
Image credit- ditohcakes
Image credit- cake_donebarfi

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