In my quest to find a new foundation that works for me, Charmsyberry introduced the w7 ebony products to me and I’m glad I gave it a try. For foundation, I got the w7 ebony catwalk perfection in mocha 5, the ebony blotting pressed powder in medium and the ebony catwalk concealer in the shade clay.

I know most people find one brand or product that works for them and stick to that, I used to be like that. But now, as a beauty blogger, I love trying new products and brands so that I can give honest reviews about these products to my readers.

The W7 ebony products is actually designed for women with colour (dark skinned).


Firstly, the packaging, I love it. It’s cute, pocket size, can fit into your purse. It comes with a mirror and a makeup sponge on the flip side, which is good. So that if all you are carrying is a tiny purse, you don’t have to add mirror or applicator.
Okay so I first applied this foundation with my brush and it was not working. I couldn’t blend it in but I tried it with my beauty blender and I was able to blend it in and it looked so natural. The foundation however is actually greasy so it wasn’t good for my skin type since I already have oily skin. And it didn’t stay on all day so I had to reapply in the course of the day. But I’m sure that had much to do with the fact that I already have oily skin. It stays on much longer when I use milk of magnesia as a primer.
I wouldn’t recommend it to someone with oily skin like myself but if you have dry skin, then this foundation will be great for you. It’s hard to blend it in with a brush so you can either use your fingers, makeup sponge or beauty blender. The beauty blender is the best tool to use.




The packaging is the same as that of the foundation. The ebony pressed powder is however good for oily skin as it reduces shine. I use it to bake my concealer and also as a finishing powder and I was very pleased with it. It’s what I use most for retouch in the course of the day. It goes on smoothly when applied with a brush and it gives a flawless finish. It’s good for all skin types.



The concealer is so creamy and you just have to apply a little amount to conceal dark areas.  It comes with it’s own applicator. I set it with the blotting pressed powder and it stays on all day. It doesn’t crease.

What w7 products have you tried?



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