This post has been in my draft for sometime now just because I couldn’t come up with a title. I know a lot of you bloggers out there can relate.
After trying a lot of seamstresses and fashion designers, I finally found the best. You can tell by the prom dress how good she is. This post isn’t sponsored but the lady is that good and I just thought I should share this with my readers.
So if any of you ladies, is looking for a fashion designer in Kumasi, then contact Adoma fashion. You can check out her instagram page for fashion inspiration.
Kayla’s dress isn’t by Adoma fashion but she looked so cute I had to post her photos too. lol
Can’t believe it’s Friday already. Since I started working at hush hangout, I get so excited for the weekends because weekend means more customers for me.
How are you spending your weekends? Stop by hush hangout for a chilled beer or a classic martini and other cocktails. We are located at Santasi trotro station.
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