Tips For Night Makeup

Now we are in a world where fashion and makeup are trending and more often than not, it’s like those two go hand in hand.

Makeup enhances your beauty and even when you are dressed well, you need makeup to add that splash of glamour to your look.

As always, I would like to share with you a few makeup tips for a glamorous makeup look for a night out.

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5 Tips For A Night Makeup


You do not want to go for a night occasion where your makeup will be smeared even before you arrive. And that is why a primer is very essential when applying makeup. It must be applied after moisturizing your face. You can even get a primer and moisturizer in one product.

A primer creates a smooth canvas for your makeup to be applied, giving it a flawless look. It is applied on the entire face which protects your face from the direct contact of the makeup on your face. It also lengthens the number of hours a makeup lasts on the face.

Use a concealer

Most people tend to skip the concealer when applying makeup. But the secret to a flawless makeup look is a concealer. The concealer does more than just conceal dark areas. It brightens your under eyes and also serves as a great base for eyeshadow. It is important to apply a concealer after a foundation and not before the foundation.

False eyelashes:

They are lashes used to enhance the thickness of natural eyelashes. They are placed on the eyelashes and instantly make your eye pop. By making your eyelashes appear fuller.


This is a makeup product that reflects light. The parts of the face where a highlighter can be applied are; the tip or bridge of the nose, above the cupids bow, beneath the arch of your eyebrows, above the arch of your eyebrows, on your cheek, the center of your forehead, and center of your chin.

But you do not need to apply a highlighter on all these points, that will be overdoing it. Just select certain parts as focal points and highlight those parts.

Smokey Eyes:

Smokey eyes can be difficult to do. But with the right brushes, you can get it done. If you have difficulty, you can try watching some Youtube tutorials to help you get started. Smokey eyes should not be harsh. It should be softly blended at the edges of the eyes. They are perfect for any night occasion.

Bold lips

For night makeup, you want your look to stand out and one way you can achieve that is with bold lipstick. Like red lipstick and if you are not a fan of red lips, then you can try a hot pink shade. Bold lips transform the face and brighten the makeup.


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