Hey beauties, hope you all had a great week. So today, I want to share with you all my new found love, the beyond beauty black lipstick. I find dark lippies so lovely and beautiful but the sad thing is I’m never able to pull them off. But that doesn’t stop me from buying them. I keep trying and trying, hoping to find one that will work for me.
I almost gave up though, but thanks to mzz_hamdy, I decided to give the black lipstick a try. I got this lipstick about two weeks ago and a few days ago I decided to try it and see if I could pull it off. So I did and I loved it so I took some selfies.

I was so excited because for the first time I tried a dark lipstick and it worked for me and it wasn’t just any dark lippie it is actually black. I had to blog about it.

Beyond beauty is actually becoming one of my favourite lipstick brands. Their first product I fell in love with was their purple lipstick, then their n*de lipstick and now this black lipstick.
What I love most about beyond beauty lipsticks is that they are matte and so they last long. And they are not so dry that they chap your lips.
It doesn’t smudge too and it stays on until you want to wipe it off. I am so going to get more of their lip products.

What lip products have you tried that works for you? And what is your favourite dark lipstick?


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