The Black Lipstick: Beyond Beauty

The Black Lipstick: Beyond Beauty

Hey beauties, hope you all had a fantastic week! Today, I wanted to share my newfound love with you all – the beyond beauty black lipstick. Dark lippies have always caught my attention, but sadly, I’ve never been able to pull them off successfully. However, that hasn’t stopped me from buying them, as I keep hoping to find the perfect shade for me.

Recently, I was thrilled because for the first time, I tried a dark lipstick that actually worked for me, and it was none other than a black shade! I just had to blog about it. Beyond beauty is quickly becoming one of my favorite lipstick brands. Previously, I fell in love with their beautiful purple lipstick, followed by their gorgeous beige shade, and now this black lipstick has stolen my heart.

One of the reasons why I adore beyond beauty lipsticks is their matte formula. They provide a lovely finish and stay on for a long time. What’s great is that they aren’t so drying that they chap your lips, making them comfortable to wear throughout the day. Unlike some other lipsticks, this one doesn’t easily smudge, which is fantastic. It stays put until you decide to remove it, ensuring you maintain a flawless look.

Based on my positive experience with this black lipstick, I am already planning to expand my collection and try out more of beyond beauty’s lip products. I am curious to explore their range of shades and find other unique colors that suit me.

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In conclusion, my search for the perfect dark lipstick may have finally come to an end with beyond beauty’s black shade. If, like me, you’ve always been hesitant to try dark lippies, I encourage you to give this brand a chance. Their matte formula, long-lasting wear, and non-drying texture make them an excellent investment. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

So, have you tried any beyond beauty lipsticks? If so, which shades are your favorites? Let’s exchange thoughts and recommendations in the comment

The Black Lipstick: Beyond Beauty

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