5 Ways To Style Bermuda Shorts This Summer

Bermuda shorts are officially back in style. This style rewind is welcomed by many, as the comfortable material and fit of Bermuda shorts are perfect for summer weather. Bermuda shorts have come a long way since they gained popularity over 100 years ago, now perfectly complementing office, workout, and night-out styles. Check out our list of fun, stylish ways to wear your Bermuda shorts this summer.

5 Ways To Style Bermuda Shorts This Summer

Why Bermuda Shorts?

Bermuda shorts are casual, comfortable shorts extending to the knee or just above the knee. The earliest record of Bermuda shorts dates back to the early 1920s, when they were exclusively reserved for businessmen. The lightweight fabric kept people cool in hot weather, and the knee-length design was the perfect mix of professional and casual.

Throughout history, clothing brands have adapted and modified Bermuda shorts to fit a broader range of styles. They’re now available in various colors, lengths, and materials, making them one of the most popular and stylish summer wear items.

5 Ways to Style Bermuda Shorts During Summer

Bermuda shorts are the perfect addition to any summer wardrobe. They’re comfortable enough to wear when running errands during the day and stylish enough to grabbing happy hour drinks with a few co-workers or friends at night. Stock up your summer wardrobe with these options for a perfect Bermuda-short style:

Wear With a Cozy Bodysuit and Flats

Bermuda shorts’ casual, loose fit pairs perfectly with a cozy bodysuit. Swap out the bodysuit for a one-piece swimsuit for a relaxing outfit perfect for a pool or beach day. Throw on a pair of solid-colored flats, and you’ll be ready for whatever the day ahead brings. Consider a pair of comfortable stretch denim Bermuda shorts for staying cool and comfortable all weekend long.

Pair With a Semi-Formal Shirt and Loafers

The great thing about Bermuda shorts is that you can wear them to the beach or dress them up for a more semi-formal look. Grab a pair of neutral-colored Bermuda shorts with a semi-formal shirt, like a button-up or collared lace top. Throw on a pair of slip-on loafers for a casual outfit that easily transitions from a relaxed day at the office to after-work drinks with co-workers.

Dress Up With a Satin Flowy Top and Dressy Sandals

With the right top and accessories, Bermuda shorts can even be a part of your night-out wardrobe or worn to a dressier event (but not too dressy!). For evenings, consider a pair of fitted denim Bermuda shorts, a satin flowy tank, and dressy sandals for a stylishly cool night out with friends.

For a dressier design, choose a pair of stretchy black Bermuda shorts with a fitted to medium-fitted feel. Dress the outfit up or down with a few accessories, including a headband or a large statement necklace. You can even throw on a pair of heels with Bermuda shorts to really spice things up and increase the level of classy!

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Wear as Comfortable Workwear

Bermuda shorts are an excellent choice for a Friday afternoon work meeting in the summer months. Throw on a brightly colored tank top or T-shirt with your favorite pair of Bermuda shorts, then add a neutral blazer over the top. Slip on a pair of neutral ballet slippers or slides for a professional look that’s also comfortable.

You can also wear Bermuda shorts out in the field to keep you cool and comfortable. Consider a looser-leg fit, such as knee-length, boyfriend, or chino-style Bermuda shorts to help prevent your shorts from storing heat. Pair with a professional shirt or loose-fitting tee, depending on the requirements of your job. Throw on some sneakers for the ultimate comfort outfit.

Use as Workout Gear

Some companies have even adapted Bermuda shorts into workout gear. They made Bermuda shorts with breathable, stretchy fabrics, which allow you to stay comfortable and prevent you from getting too hot at the gym or when jogging outdoors. Pair with a colored crop top tank and a pair of white sneakers for a put-together gym outfit.

Additional Style Options

Other ways to style Bermuda shorts include with:

  • Oversized tees: An oversized graphic tee would look great with tighter-fitting Bermuda shorts or baggier boyfriend Bermuda shorts.
  • Flats: Flats, especially those with point toes, can go great with a pair of Bermuda shorts and help accentuate your legs in them.
  • Bodysuits: Pairing a tight-fitting bodysuit with looser-fitting boyfriend Bermuda shorts is a great way to take your fashion to the next level.
  • Flesh-colored sandals or shoes: Because of their length, Bermuda shorts can sometimes give the appearance of a cut-off leg line. You can counteract that by pairing your shorts with flesh-colored shoes or sandals to make your legs look longer.

What To Look for When Choosing Bermuda Shorts

It seems like everyone sells Bermuda shorts women’s styles now. Here are a few great tips to help you find the right Bermuda shorts to complete your outfit:

  • Inseam length: Most Bermuda shorts come with an inseam length between 8-12 inches. Ideally, your Bermuda shorts should fall about 1 inch above the knee. Measuring your unique body type can help you choose the perfect inseam length.
  • Fabric type: Bermuda shorts are typically made with a lightweight cotton twill material, but you may find more variations today. The purpose of Bermuda shorts is comfort, so materials like cotton and linen are great choices.
  • Hem type: Bermuda shorts come with either a cuffed or uncuffed hem. Cuffed hems give a more formal and elegant design best suited for work wear or nights out with friends. An uncuffed hem is perfect for completing your casual summer designs.
  • Style: The great thing about Bermuda shorts today is that so many options are available, which means styling any outfit is easy.

You have a lot of women’s Bermuda shorts styles and fits to choose from. Play around with the different styles and fits to find the one that will complement all your summer outfits.


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