5 Fashion Tips To Look Your Best All Year Round

In the past couple of years, we all spent a very closeted lifestyle spending most of our days within the four walls of our homes. Not surprisingly, all our desires to dress up stylishly or look more fashionable amongst the crowd took a backseat. We were happy wearing simple yet comfy loungewear all day long without spending too much time deciding what we were going to wear the whole day.

But now that everything is returning to normalcy, our happy working-from-home days are over, and it’s time to get back to our wardrobes and decide on our clothing choices, and we’re here to help you with that. Be it the winter overcoat or women’s sketchers’ shoes, here are some invaluable fashion tips that can make you shine with any apparel.

5 Fashion Tips To Look Your Best All Year Round
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How Can You Raise Your Fashion Statement in 5 Easy Steps

Even though we spent a great deal of the past two years at home, one positive that came out of it was that we had more time in our hands to sit and evaluate what clothes we should keep in our wardrobes.

At some point or the other, we have all bought that one dress that we hardly wear or hold on to; other old garments remain unused and just sit in our closets. We’ve all made some less silly fashion choices along the way, but it doesn’t have to be like that any longer. 

1. Play with Colors

The best thing about fashion is that it allows you to be more vibrant while radiating an aura that inspires awe from everyone else. Color choices matter a lot, especially when you want to present yourself in a glamorous way. 

You may not have the knack for mixing and matching colors in your apparel, but with time it will seem quite easy. All you have to do is open your wardrobe and start experimenting with the colors you have. If you feel some colors are missing, make some time, visit a shopping mall and buy the colors you require, or you can also order them online. Take a look at the galleries of popular celebrities to get an idea of the right color choices.

2. Balance Proportions

Learning how to balance proportions is very important in upping your style meter. Besides wearing stylish and colorful outfits, you also need to bring in the right balance to create aesthetic harmony.  

The basic fundamental about balancing proportions is to wear clothes that fit your body shape correctly. If you want to try oversized or unevenly shaped clothes, ensure they become your main fashion point by keeping the rest of the clothes fitted. For instance, you can try a puff-sleeve top with straight pants, or a tight-fitting crop top with wide-legged jeans.  

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3. Mix Patterns and Textures

Not very long ago, there was a trend of matching the color of your accessories with your clothes and shoes. Well, the trend hasn’t entirely gone out of fashion, but we all can agree that it is no longer considered fashionable nowadays. 

Now, it’s all about contrasting and clashing your prints and textures to bring out the bold statement and leave a mark. Simple one-colored garments are no longer trendy. You can start trying some neutral patterns, such as floral prints with low-key leather accessories, and topping off with a scarf or other knits until you find the pattern that suits you.  

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4. Pay Attention to Your Hair

Styling your hair is another integral part of your fashion statement. Choosing the wrong hairstyle can easily ruin your whole look and all your hard work. 

Your hairstyle needs to match the occasion. When attending any wedding event or cocktail party, you can keep a fancy hairstyle, but when you are attending office meetings or any social gathering event, you must keep a formal look and go with a more elegant and sophisticated hairstyle. Sometimes, tying your hair instead of braiding it can help you achieve a more professional look. 

5. Match Your Shoes

Last but not least, watch out for the shoes you are wearing. Make sure they complement the outfit you’re wearing and match the occasion. Wearing the wrong pair of shoes can be a mistake since you cannot hide them with any dress. 

For everyday outfits, wear shoes that are comfortable and light on your feet, while for work purposes and formal events, try on a professional look by wearing high heels or flats.   


Keeping these simple yet important fashion tips in mind will help you ace your fashion statement and rock the whole year round. Choose the apparel that makes you feel comfortable and apply your personal touch to make it unique!

How Can You Raise Your Fashion Statement in 5 Easy Steps



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