Romantic Days Out For A Happy Couple

Valentine’s Day may be behind us for another year, but if you need a national holiday as an excuse to pamper your partner then you may not have that partner for very long… Romance is a precious thing, and not something that can be taken at all for granted.

Indeed, like the rose that so often defines passion and young love, romance needs to be carefully cultivated to flourish.

Of course, love languages will differ from couple to couple, but one of the quintessential ways to keep that romance alive is to date – that is, to go on dates. But these dates needn’t be limited to wining and dining at your local restaurant.

Instead, you could spice things up with any number of the below day trips. Exploring new things together is a wonderful way to engage with one another, and if you take the initiative, a deeply impressive move to keep that spark well and truly alive.

Romantic Days Out For A Happy Couple
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 The Thermae Spa, Bath

Day trips to other cities are fantastic opportunities for romantic escapades. Even if Bath might be one of the more unassuming cities to work with, there are some special secrets it has up its sleeve. One, in particular, lends itself well to a couple’s day out, in the form of the Thermae Spa – a hot spring naturally heated by geothermal energy, and a great excuse to snuggle up.

Lake Windermere, The Lake District

The Lake District is a phenomenal place to visit year-round, being a vast expanse of rolling hills and stunning glacier lakes with something for everyone.

Lake Windermere is arguably the most famous of its lakes, and also host to a thrilling boat cruise that offers some of the most exceptional views of the national park. It is a boat journey like no other, set in a natural mecca that will inevitably inspire that spark of yours.


London needs no introduction and practically nothing in the way of planning. It is a living city with excitement around every corner. A train down to London is a train down to a day of excitement, whether simple sightseeing or a curated afternoon and evening of bespoke experiences.

In leaning towards the romantic, you might opt for a trip around the London Eye before a foodie tour of London’s best gastronomical hotspots – from Borough Market to pub fare and a secret restaurant reservation of your choosing.

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Experiences to Remember

Excellent experiences are not necessarily married to specific cities or locations. Instead, you might seek out something truly special within a reasonable distance of yourselves – for example, an outdoor cinema experience, which could be held in a park near you, allowing you to picnic and eventually snuggle with your beau under the open sky.

Sometimes, though, the tackier the better – and you can’t go far wrong with a pop-up carnival for a day and night of cheap yet unmitigated fun.


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