Don’t know what to do because you are bored? Here are 30 things you can do.
1. Take a bubble bath

2. Go for a walk
3. Go sit outside for fresh air
4. Make a bucket list
5. Watch a movie or tv show
6. Watch funny youtube videos or instagram videos
7. Read a book
8. Go for a bike ride
9. Paint your nails
10. Take photos and selfies
11. Do your makeup
12. Stretch and exercise
13. learn a new recipe online
14. Play dress up
15. Plan your dream vacation
16. Text someone
17. Go for a drive
18. Do your laundry
19. Watch music videos
20. Call an old friend
21. Start a blog
22. Get on pinterest
23. Clean your makeup brushes
24. Wash the car
25. look at old pictures
26. Dance
27. Give yourself a facial
28. Go for a run or jog
29. Clean your room
30. Sleep


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