How To Save On Prom Dress And Look Amazing

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Prom is certainly a rite of passage for many boys and girls, but it can also be a nightmare for mom and dad’s bank account. Formal dresses can go for anything between $30 to $1,000 and it’s way too easy, and tempting, to pick a dress that costs more than you can manage.

So, make a budget, stick to it and rock those clearance prom dresses. Here are some top tips on how to save on a fabulous prom dress and still feel like the belle of the ball.

Tips to save on prom dress

Use coupons

Coupons are always going to be great ways to save on everything. Coupons usually come with discount codes, so you get to save and still get exactly what you want. For instance, if you plan to buy a prom dress from Kohls, but want to save some money, then you can get a Kohls coupon from

Go straight to the clearance section

While clearance racks get way too bad a rep when it comes to formal wear, there really are some stunning options hiding amongst the sparkles and poofs. Check out a prom dress store’s clearance rack and you never know what gem you may well come across.

When you head for the clearance section, still remain mindful of the price tags of clearance sale prom dresses. Don’t simply assume everything on the rack is going to be within your price range – look carefully.

Remember to inspect dresses carefully, too, for damage. If there’s something you can hide or fix, ask the sales associate for an even better discount. They’re usually pretty accommodating when it comes to sealing the deal.

Many, many formal dresses usually require some sort of customization. Whether you get your dress online or in a store you’ll probably have to allocate some sort of budget towards alterations or embellishments. So if you’re going to spend some money on alterations, you may as well check for clearance sales online before heading off to old-fashioned brick and mortar stores.

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You could even check out your favorite designers and styles and compare prices all in one go online, to find the best option for you and your very special night. One of the stores that have a wide selection of dresses is the Prom Dress Shop. They also have a website where you can conveniently check out different dress styles.

If you’re thinking of buying your dress from an online sale, do be considerate of size charts and even shipping. Ideally, you need to go up one dress size for formal attire as many of them tend to run small. Probably the safest option for purchasing your dress online is to take your measurements and then use the website’s size guide if they have one.

Also, be careful of shipping dates and ETA’s. If you’ve left shopping until the last minute, online probably isn’t the way to go. Wherever you decide to purchase your clearance sale dress, you’ll probably have a little budget left for great accessories and alterations to make sure you have the best dress at prom.

Consider used dresses

If the clearance tags are still a little high for your budget, consider checking out used dresses. Most people only wear a prom dress once and then pass it down, donate it or sell it.

Don’t be afraid to head to consignment shops for once-worn dresses and as much as 85 percent discounts which mean more money left over to accessorize the dress and get your hair and makeup done so you can rock the prom. You can also sell the dress back when you’re done, helping your budget even more. Start Shopping Online.


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