Skin sagging is an almost unavoidable aspect of the aging process. Although, some of us develop more wrinkles than others or develop them faster than others. However, even though the process happens to us all, skin wrinkles are not things you have to continuously live with.

Thanks to modern skincare advancements, you have many clinical skin tightening options. When you are trying to choose between them, your complexion will play a large role in your final decision. So will other characteristics of your skin.

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Your Skin Color as it Relates to Skin Tightening with Lasers

Your complexion, also known as the colour or pigment of your skin, plays a large role in determining your eligibility for specific skin tightening procedures. To understand why you must first understand that your skin is full of melanocytes. You can think of them as microscopic factories. They produce a substance called melanin, which is what gives your skin its unique color.

The production and distribution of melanin is essential to understand before you have a clinical skin tightening treatment, especially a laser treatment. You may know that there are many skin tightening cosmetic lasers for sale in the skincare industry today. Top models are routinely used in skincare clinics.

What you may not realize is that lasers can disrupt melanin patterns, especially when used to treat darker skin. Therefore, if you have dark skin, you must be very careful when selecting laser procedures.

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How Your Complexion Influences Other Skin Tightening Procedure Results

If your complexion is dark then laser treatments are not the only clinical procedures you have to enter into carefully. Other procedures that may be problematic for you include chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion is a process of “sanding” your skin to improve its surface appearance. Although it may not influence melanin distribution, microdermabrasion can trigger an acne outbreak if your skin is oily and prone to such outbreaks. Since dark skin is more likely to be oily and acne prone, having a darker complexion increased your risk for such problems.

Chemical peels perform similarly to microdermabrasion, revitalizing the surface of the skin. They will not necessarily cause acne outbreaks. However, the chemicals used can easily cause an effect similar to bleaching. The result is that you may wind up with lighter patches of skin in the treatment area than in the surrounding areas.

Therefore, you must be careful to select an expert clinician who specializes in treating darker skin pigments if you are considering having a chemical peel procedure.

Skin Tightening Methods Ideal for Darker Skin

Clinical skin tightening treatments that are ideal for darker skin include sound wave treatments, such as ultrasound and radio frequency procedures. Both techniques use specific types of sound to penetrate and vibrate skin cells.

The goal is to get your body’s natural healing processes to trigger through those sound wave treatment techniques. As your body makes more natural healing substances, such as collagen, cells will repair themselves and tighten up.

Since sound wave treatments have no impact on melanin at all, you will not risk pigment changes by having such treatments, if your skin is dark. However, sound wave treatments are not as strong or fast-acting as many other forms of clinical skin tightening.

If you are interested in faster results one of the treatments above or other skin tightening methods may be better for you. Your clinician can go over your options with you after assessing the colour and condition of your skin.




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