How To Build Men’s Capsule Wardrobe

The 2020s are the era of sustainability. From food to clothes, the entire planet seems to be turning to living green and developing eco-consciousness. A way of living green is also reducing your carbon footprint by walking or cycling instead of using cars and buses.

This also leads to choosing to stay at home and even have fun from the comfort of your own room. A sustainable fun night would be cooking and playing board games or online games like bitcoin poker instead of spending money and gas on going out to a club.

It started with recycling and separating different materials of everyday rubbish, but with the impact of social media and the ability to share and see tips, tricks, and ideas for a more sustainable life, nowadays people try to implement it in all spheres of life.

One of these areas is clothing. Recent years have seen a drastic shift from fast fashion to slow fashion, and it is a beautiful initiative. Read about upcycled clothing to learn more about it and how to implement this in your life.

How To Build Men’s Capsule Wardrobe
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What is slow fashion?

Slow fashion means different things to different people. For some, it means investing in locally made, quality pieces that last several years instead of just a season or two. For others, it is all about thrifting.

While women may seem more invested in fashion, men care about personal appearance too, as well as the environment. This is why this article is dedicated to building men’s capsule wardrobes.

And what is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is an aftermath or the development of the idea of sustainability. Instead of spending a lot of money on purchasing fast fashion items made by underpaid teenagers and adults, more and more of us are focusing on building a capsule wardrobe.

The idea behind it is that we get rid of the pieces we do not wear anymore, preferably by donating them or selling them. Then, slowly and step by step, we make conscious decisions to invest in quality and ethically made clothes that reflect our personal and individual style more than a passing seasonal trend.

Finally, it is all about combining. In creating a capsule wardrobe, a person will buy pieces that fit well with the majority, if not all, other clothes to make outfits out of what they have instead of purchasing entire outfits that match nothing else in the wardrobe

How can a man build a capsule wardrobe?

If you want a capsule wardrobe that eliminates the annoying question of what on Earth are you going to wear to that specific event next week, the first step is to find your style. Decide on what kind of a message you want your appearance to send and what makes you feel like yourself. What fabrics and colors suit you? Are you a casual or a business type, or both? Create mood boards, follow the people who inspire you, and start.

Here are some steps to make the whole process of creating a capsule wardrobe more concise.

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Clear up the clutter

What you want to do first is take a look at your closet and get rid of the pieces you have not worn in a year. Do not be sentimental – you will never wear that shirt again. Choose your favorite pieces and keep them. Try to stick to those that will combine well in the future. And finally, decide on several colors you like best and stick to them.

Did you know that not all colors suit your complexion? Do yourself a favor and complete a color analysis to never wear the wrong one again.

Stock up on the essentials
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Stock up on the essentials

The essentials in every man’s wardrobe are tried-and-true pieces. Going to work? Trousers and a white shirt are something you cannot go wrong with. You can wear them to a wedding, a funeral, a dinner, a date, or a party. This is a true staple.

Are you working out? Good running shoes, plain T-shirts, shorts, and socks are all you need. The same socks and T-shirts can be worn with jeans when going to a casual event. See where this is going? The point of a capsule wardrobe is to have fewer pieces that build more outfits.

Resist the urge to buy new

This one is hard. Shining stores and influencers everywhere seem to be saying just one word: buy. But if you have decided on a capsule wardrobe, try to resist. When you want to invest in a piece, think it through, try to thrift it, and if all else fails, buy it now, but make sure the cost per wear is ideal, and that it is a quality piece.

Speaking of quality, once we have detached ourselves from endless buying, we will see that we have more time for other things. Call that friend you have not seen in years. Buy books instead of clothes. Take up a new hobby. Try cooking and reading recipes instead of price tags.

To sum it all up, choosing to switch to a capsule wardrobe will impact other spheres of your life too. It is a great step to changing yourself for the better.


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