What Movies To Watch On A Weekend Night?

“Thinking about what movie to watch? Genres for all tastes: biographies, comedies, action movies, sci-fi, thrillers, adventures, dramas, historical, cartoons, and fantasy. We’ve tried to choose only the best movies, among which everyone will find something interesting to watch and discover new things. Also visit https://bllblog.org/ to find more movies and entertainment news.

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5 interesting movies to watch on a weekend night
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5 interesting movies to watch on a weekend night

One and a Half Spies

Calvin, a former high school star, and Bob played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, a former loser who suffered from overweight problems during his high school years, meet after twenty years. There are colossal changes in both their lives – Bob, from a battered fatso whom the whole school laughed at, having lost 100 kilos and putting his body in order, has turned into a mountain of muscles and now serves as a super agent in the CIA.

Kelvin, on the contrary, is ordinary office plankton, living a boring routine life. According to the classics of the genre of any action movie, a coincidence of circumstances forces the friends to work together to restore justice and save the world.

Liar, the Great, and the Terrible

An action-packed biographical drama keeping the viewer in suspense from the first to the last frame. The story of one of the most brilliant crooks who built the largest financial pyramid scheme in history, hiding under the guise of a multi-respectable financial corporation and earning millions of dollars under the guise of an investment fund.

The illegal activities of corporation owner Bernie Madoff turned out to be a real disaster for all of his family members who held positions within the company.

Crazy Teachers

The famous all-France lyceum named after Jules Ferry is on the verge of closure because of the low performance of its students, who are badass hooligans and incorrigible loafers. By the decision of the headmaster, who does not want to lose his job, a whole team of new teachers replaces the teachers who gave up.

The new teachers have to improve the knowledge of the pupils as soon as possible to pass the forthcoming exams, the results of which the future of the lyceum depends on. Will the extraordinary teachers manage to instill a desire for knowledge in such a short time and save the lyceum?

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In spite of everything

This is a true-life story about a determined young man, Salia, who, against the advice of his family and relatives, takes his dream of a career in the hotel business and lands a job at a well-known five-star hotel in Munich despite his serious eyesight problems.

Hiding his health problems from his bosses, he has to adapt and work on par with the rest of the hotel employees to establish himself as a reliable and valuable employee.

The Rock ‘n’ Roller

One of the best films by talented and very controversial director Guy Ritchie will force the viewer to plunge into the dangerous world of criminal Britain, where the criminal gangs are constantly competing for a place under the sun.

It all begins when rock musician Johnny Quid steals a painting from his stepfather Lenny Cole, which is the property of a Russian billionaire, who in turn does business with Lenny and just loaned him the painting. Now Cole needs to find Johnny, but a small-time One-Two man, billionaire Yuri Omovich, gets in his way.


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