Hey beauties, hope you had a great weekend. Let me share with you these beauty products I got.
Got most of these from kevy’s cosmetics. I went there to get some cosmetics because I’m almost out of body cream but I ended up getting a lot of other stuff but I didn’t do too much damage.
So I just thought I should share these with you.
This is just a haul post. I’ll be reviewing most of these products very soon.
So the first thing I got was supreme white milk by executive white. I’ve been using this body milk for like 3 years now and I love it because it maintains my complexion. Doesn’t bleach or change my skin colour.
I also got Exence white one tone serum that I mainly use for the darker regions like my elbows and knees.
O’kay instant clear for dark spots and acne scars on face
Cocoa butter hand cream
Max fair daily facial wash
Max fair anti-aging face cream
Magnifica System Eye contour
Victoria’s secret body mist: amber romance
For makeup, I got me now perfect concealer color 004 which is lighter than my skin tone so I thought I could use it as a highlighter
Classic matifying face primer
mary kay mascara
classic mascara
classic liquid eyeliner
Then for lip colours I got;
Adventure lady lipgloss colour 05
Classic lipgloss colours 08 and 09
Romantic lipgloss colours 09, 10 and 11
Miss Lauretta super lipstick colour 06
Classic lipstick in the shade LS13
So let me know in the comment section which of these products you’ve tried.
Have a blessed week.

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