Pretty little liars returns on 18th April for its last 10 episodes and just the thought of that makes me sad. The show has been running since 2010 and I’ve been following it for 5 years now.
Pretty little liars is based on a novel by Sara Shepard with the same title. The show centers on 5 friends; Alison, the manipulative one. Hanna, the funny one. Aria, the compassionate one. Spencer, the smart one and Emily, the loyal one.
After the disappearance of Alison, a mysterious villain ‘ A’ sends the other girls messages threatening to reveal their deepest darkest secrets. The girls form a stronger bond together as they try to find out who their stalker is and how he or she knows so much about them and also try to figure out what happened to their bestfriend the night she disappeared.
If you haven’t seen this show, I’m going to give you 10 reasons why you should.

10 reasons to watch pretty little liars

 1. Fashion, hair and makeup:

When it comes to fashion, hair and makeup, this show is the best. I find myself going through episodes just for fashion inspiration. It helps me decide what to pair with what and which colours match.

2. Suspense and plot twists

Not a boring episode. Each episode leaves you wanting more.

3. Beautiful faces

 I mean the title says it all. If you are going to spend hours on tv or your laptop watching a tv show, I strongly recommend pll because the main characters are just beautiful. Not just them, the supporting characters too.

4. Male eye candy

You’ve got to love the pll boys. I mean I want them all.

5. Friendship

These girls are friendship goals. All you have to do is send S.O.S and they will all drop whatever they are doing and come.The way they help, protect and defend each other.

6. Comedy

Amidst the mysteries and the crimes and the thrills, the show doesn’t forget to add a little bit of humour.

7. Romance

 There’s a lot more of romance here too. The show has a way of making you fall in love with the characters and their romantic life. I mean when Caleb and Hanna breaks up, I feel like Caleb broke up with me too, lol .

8. Teaches not to trust no one 

If there is one thing I’ve learnt from pll, it is that you can’t trust anyone, I mean anyone can be ‘A’ and anyone could be on the A team. There are so many lessons to learn from this show but that list will be in another post.

9. Reason to scream

Pll gives you a reason to scream at your TV. It’s like watching a horror movie. You know what’s at the other end of the door so you scream that they shouldn’t go there. lol. Too bad they don’t listen to us when we scream. These girls make a lot of bad choices that give you a reason to scream at your TV but trust me, you cant stay mad at them.

10. Closure

Most shows are usually cancelled and viewers are left hanging. It can be really annoying if you follow a show and it is cancelled before you could get all the answers you need. So the best thing about pll is that, the show is ending on its own. So you can rest assured that you will get all the answers you need by the end of the show.
I hope these reasons motivated you to watch the show. For me, I’m going to rewatch all the episodes before they return with the last episodes. Someone, please get me a bucket of popcorn.

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