20 Charming Zebra Print Nail Design Ideas

I believe we can all agree that zebras have very beautiful patterns on their skin, and their black and white colors make them look even more beautiful. That is why we are happy to bring to you these zebra print nail design ideas.

Zebra print nails are pretty much underestimated as they are not as common as leopard print nails. But they look just as gorgeous and the best part is they are very easy to recreate on your own.

With a few nail polishes and nail brushes, you can get this design on your nails in no time and there are so many tutorials on youtube to help if you are not sure where to start.

Zebra print nail designs

zebra print nail designs
photo by mada.nailtech
zebra print nail designs
photo by r0tt3n.nai 1s
zebra print nail designs
photo by nailedbyiz
photo by kaiseys_nails
zebra print nail designs
photo by veryvannesa
photo by nailnetwork

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