Hey beauties, before I talk about anything else, let me say how much I am loving my new header right now. Isn’t it just beautiful? It was designed by Liam. Although he is neither a web designer nor a graphic designer, he helps out when it comes to designing this blog to make it beautiful. Thank you sweedy for my new header. I love it but I love you more.
Now I want to say thank you all for your love and support. I reached 500 bloglovin followers this week and I appreciate the love so much. Thank you for coming by to check my posts and for leaving your comments. I take time to read all your comments and I hope you keep coming by everyday.
So for today, I paired this outfit with my dark brown shoes and I added my neon green purse for a 
pop of colour. You see when you walk into a boutique and you see an outfit and you go like “this outfit is so me, I want it”. Well, that wasn’t the case for me when I saw this lace top with its matching skirt. I was like, “naah, I dont want that”. I’m not sure why though. May be it was because of the fact that the back of the top had only two buttons or because I just felt I wouldn’t look good in that.
But the guy at the shop kept saying, “you should try it on. You will look good in it”. So I decided to try it on so that after that when I say I dont want it he will know I really dont. But I tried it on and I loved it. It looked pretty decent and it wasn’t like I imagined it would be. To complete the look, I opted for gold accessories. 

Let me know your thoughts on this outfit in the comment section below.
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