How I styled my hair

Hi there, today I’m sharing a post on how I styled my hair. This is a hairstyle you can do on your own. You dont always need professionals or experts to do stuff for you. There are somethings that you can do for yourself at home and that can help save money.
This hairstyle is one of the easiest and quickest way to style your hair.
Initially, I wanted to do pineapple waves but almost in the middle of it, I thought to myself “why not try my own thing?”. So I did it my own way and  I achieved this look.
 The things you’ll need;

Styling gel
Tail comb
Blow dryer 
The first thing to do is to wash your hair because you dont want to apply the gel to dirty hair.
Dont dry your hair thoroughly as it’s better to apply the gel to damp hair. 
If you already washed your hair and so it isnt dirty. Just wet your hair with a handful of water,enough to make it damp.
Comb your hair the way you want to style it so that if you want a sideline, you create it.
Scoop out some gel unto your fingertips and rub it in your hair. 
Be sure to to do this the way you want to style your hair.
The amount of gel you use depends on how thick and long your hair is.
After that, take your tail comb and use the tail end to raise up the hair. 
The difference between this and the pineapple waves is that, with the pineapple waves you have to cover your hair with a loose hair net and then pull the hair through the net. And you have to be sure to pull it uniformly.
But with this you dont need the hair net because you just want to raise the hair. 
The styling gel makes the hair lie flat so you use the comb to raise it so it doesnt look flat.
After this you spray the hair with the spritz. 
This will hold the hair so it can last for like two weeks or more.
Then you blow dry your hair.
All done.

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